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Hi All,

I was reminded to post about my experiences with this exam by Uwe so here it is.

* Make sure you know your attributes for the tags, especially the core library
* A number of questions on navigation rules defined in faces-config.xml
* A few questions on "Which scoped bean would you choose in this scenario"
* Questions are quite long lots of reading involved, it's difficult to absorb the question and the answers all in under 2 minutes per question. My advice would be to read the answers first and try and rule out the obviously wrong options with the strikethrough feature (right click option)

As for the material I used

* Core Java Server Faces 3rd edition
* Bits of the JEE 6 tutorial
* Read plenty of BalusC posts on stackoverflow

Also I have made some of my own notes in a Bitbucket Wiki, not sure how useful it will be but feel free to use it. You can get to it at

Hope this helps


Milan Tomic wrote:

Jhonson Fernando wrote:You can find mock exam from MyExamCloud for OCE JSF exam.

I have bought mock exam for OCMJEA exam from you and was totaly disapointed. It didnt help me at all. I will never buy any other products from you.

I have to say I agree, the questions aren't a great representation of the real exam in this case (1Z0-896). I took this mock exam which as per the real exam is 87 questions in 150 minutes, I did the mock with an hour to spare and scored 80%.

The real exam was a lot more difficult I finished it with only a few minutes to spare which left very little time to review my answers. I scored 61% so a fail! I've booked my retake and now know what to expect.

For anyone taking this exam beware, the questions are very wordy and there is lots of reading, 1 minute 42 seconds per question isn't a lot of time.

I also found the format of the questions tricky, the resolution on the screen was quite low so there's lots of scrolling around on the screen comparing answers etc.
Where is the code entered, I'm about to purchase an exam voucher for 1Z0-896 and I can't spot where to enter the code details

EDIT: Never mind found it on the Pearson Vue website, it doesn't apply when purchasing an exam voucher through the Oracle site.
I've just signed up to take this in 11 weeks time, do any mock exams exist for it?
I've posted this in the general section as there isn't a general certification forum. I have SCJP 5 + 7 as well as JSP + Servlets certification.

I've recently started a new job where will be using a large part of the Oracle stack including

Oracle ADF
Oracle WebCenter
Oracle SOA Suite
Oracle WebLogic server
Oracle TopLink

So I'm toying between certifications for JPA, JSF and Web Services. Opinions?
5 years ago
Sorry, I did actually read that but didn't pick up that the key point was not mentioning the company name. I obviously skimmed and missed this bit

Questions and discussion about specific companies will not be allowed in this forum.

5 years ago
So I saw a job working for <'a company'>, I applied and after a few weeks I was asked to complete a codility test containing two questions. I did these and passed, in the new year I have been asked for a technical telephone interview using collabedit.

Has anyone done one of these before? Anything specific areas I should be revising?

5 years ago
Wondering if someone can help, my controller has the following POST method

The createDTOList returns a List<ChannelProgrammeDTO>.

I have an InvocationTargetException being thrown on this line

With the message

org.springframework.beans.TypeMismatchException: Failed to convert value of type 'java.util.ArrayList' to required type 'java.lang.String'; nested exception is org.springframework.core.convert.ConversionFailedException: Failed to convert from type java.util.ArrayList<?> to type java.lang.String for value '[com.tvfreakz.model.dto.ChannelProgrammeDTO@aa0950]'; nested exception is org.springframework.core.convert.ConverterNotFoundException: No converter found capable of converting from type java.util.ArrayList<?> to type java.lang.String

What am I missing?
5 years ago
Just passed the upgrade exam with a score of 91%. Bit chuffed ☺
5 years ago
Wow, never won anything before, pretty cool. Thanks very much!

Roel De Nijs wrote:

Paul Statham wrote:But that's the problem I'm not sure how well I really know it, I can see a question I've already covered and know which ones are the right answer even before reading the question properly.

How often did you take each mock exam to know them almost by memorization?

I got to the point where I was fed up with looking over my notes and others notes so started to test my knowledge, I did the standard tests and averaged out about 75%.

Then I decided to use the Leitner mode for moving questions up the ladder from unlearned to learned, it only took a few repetitions to move them all to learned.

Roel De Nijs wrote:
I know Enthuware has a Last Day exam. I assume you probably already took that one as well. So probably not an option anymore. Maybe you can find some additional mock exams on ScjpMockTests.

This particular enthuware doesn't have a last day exam test. Thanks for the link but they seem to be quite out of date, I can't spot any that would be specific to the topic covered in the upgrade exam?

Thank you for confirming that it's not just me who has had similar issues. My plan now is to list a number of important classes across all the topics and write as many little programs as I can think of to test them, first of all by referencing the API material and then trying to recreate the same programs without looking at it.

It's a little tricky however what with all the different methods of achieving the same thing.
Actually I have a question regarding this, I have my 1Z0-805 upgrade exam next week, I have been studying for coming up to 9 weeks. In reality I had covered all the topics within 4 weeks and done 400+ questions within 7 weeks.

I'm now at a point where I've run out of questions and 'know' the answer to all the questions I've read even the ones I got wrong the first time round.

But that's the problem I'm not sure how well I really know it, I can see a question I've already covered and know which ones are the right answer even before reading the question properly.

I also have the Herrera, Esteban practice questions for the exam, which were much more difficult than Enthuware questions, mostly because it has a lot of questions worded 'Choose all that apply', and there were a number of chapters I failed

Anyone else have this problem?
Does anyone have a list of valid combinations I've seen a number of example questions that ask for valid combinations when creating a OpenOption Object array.

I've put a list together but I'm not sure if it's correct?




Ok I have worked it out, I had to break it up into bullet points to understand it though. Here are some of my notes if it helps someone else

Path relativize(Path other)
- This method attempts to construct a relative path that when resolved against this path, yields a path that locates the same file as the given path
- Where this path and the given path do not have a root component, then a relative path can be constructed
- A relative path cannot be constructed if only one of the paths have a root component
- If this path and the given path are equal then an empty path is returned
- /a/b -> /a/b/c/d = c/d
- a/b -> a/b/c/d = c/d
- /a/b/c/d -> a/b = IllegalArgumentException
- /a/b/c/d -> /a/b = ../..
- /a/b -> /a/b = ""
- /a/b -> /a/c = ../c
- /x/d/g/a/b -> /a/b = ../../../../../a/b

I have seen that yes, in fact it even has this in the API

For example, if this path is "/a/b" and the given path is "/a/x" then the resulting relative path may be "../x"

I just don't understand why it would be .. and not .

All dealings with relative paths in the past have had . to mean current directory and .. as one level up

Or is it in fact saying for example if we just take

This would give

"Relativize: ../Java.class"

Relatively it is one level up from therefore the path is "../Java.class". Does that make sense?