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P Kulkarni

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Recent posts by P Kulkarni

Thanks for the link.
It sounds good!
11 years ago
Hi all,

I am working on already developed project. I have to provide localization for French language. I have proerty file for English. When I add another file in french and build the code it picks up english file as default file.
How can I make locale selection dynamic so that it will also work in french.

Another issue:
Here is the example of the property file content.

[yesButtonText "Yes"]
[noButtonText "No"]

now suppose 'yesButtonText' is key and'Yes' is value. But strange thing is that I am not getting key in my code anywhere.
Is it possible there exists hierarchy of key value like


A is key B is value
B is Key c is value

Can anyone help me out??

11 years ago

Originally posted by Peter Johnson:

I am sorry, but I do not understand this statement.

If you create a web project and a server within Eclipse, link the project to the server, and start the server within Eclipse, then Eclipse should properly deploy the application to the server.

yeah! Its working properlyt now...

These are more details.

it does not work for java 1.6 update 4 to 7.
And it also works fine on other browser Opera, Safari.

Actualy it is a part of a big project i am not able to disclose the code because of the security reasons.

Can you please tell me is this common bug because in many forums I saw same exceptions and applet graphics does not get completely painted in the browser, it becomes gray.

11 years ago

Originally posted by Amit Ghorpade:
Welcome to Javaranch P Kulkarni
This question is more relevant to the Eclipse IDE than JSP.
Please choose an appropriate forum for your questions.Asking questions in an unrelated forum yields fewer and less useful response. Read this for more information.

Thanks for the information ! I will take care from next time.
Hi all,

I want to learn swing.
Can anyone please suggest good books or links for beginners??

11 years ago
Hello all,

I am using Redhat 5.2 and Firefox 3.0

When I run application for particular scenario that is when I create a web page(one option in my project)some part of the applet on the browser becomes gray and connection is lost. When I re-enter everything goes fine.
Only for the first I am facing that problem.

I am getting following exceptions :

at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)

Application is working fine on Java 1.6 update 1 to 3 and update 10 with respective plugin for FireFox. It also works on 1.5 all updates.

Can someone help me out??

11 years ago

I have some problem in running JSP in Ecllipse.

I have created one Dynamic Web Project in the ecllipse.
Then created one sample JSP file.
When I tried to run it on the server 'one blank notepad opens and one notepad message box with message volume or label syntax is wrong'.

Do I need to add any plugin in ecllipse or it is server related??