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Recent posts by Ray Chow

The ONLY thing you need to do is well prepare and pass IT!
I passed 664 with 70+, In my opinion, It's enough for your preparing the test. 664 is simple.
Congratulation! I passed 664, no idea about what have been changed in 669.
Thanks God, I passed the SCDJWS with 92%!!
Something share with all of you guy:
* <Web Service Blueprints> and <J2EE Web Services(RMH)> are really good books for your studying Java Web Services (no just for the certification). From general to details, they cover all the java web services related information.
* For my preparing the test, MZ's guide and quiz help me a lot. THANKS MZ! With MZ's guide and quiz, you can focus on the most important part in the test.
* Additionally, read the related specification like XML,SOAP,WS-I,WSDL as reference. Expecially, when you even have no idea about XML, XML specification helps you alot.
* Take it easy, the test's questions are quit straightforward. The most difficult part to me is the Endpoint Design and Architecture, which is base on case study.

Really happy about that! Now I'm ready preparing for the next challenge.
But what's the next? I have no idea yet...
I'll take the test tomorrow afternoon, god blesses me...
I think I've well prepare for the test and I realy learn a lot about web services. Anyway, I satisfy with what I learned in the last 3 months.
I'm feeling a little nervous for the coming test of course...
I'll try my best!!!