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Recent posts by jyothi abraham

Thank you for good resource in UML.
I can't download .jar file from your site.could you send it to my e-mail;
Why JDevoloper is not prefered IDE eventhough it
has every options equal to an IBM or others
and Oracle support is so easy.It is less costly
too.If to believe in advertisments it is fastest.
[ August 09, 2002: Message edited by: jyothi abraham ]
I am in India and I got cerificate on monday
I got my thomson prometric mark list 3 weeks
Everithing is entered in CERTMANAGER as earlier
18 years ago
Please somebody explain to me on classpath on following:
1)I have following files;
(Class2 extends from Class1)
2)Class3 file contains following lines;
package org;
import com.Class2;
class Class3{
public static void main(String args]{
When I am compiling from C:\folder3\org>:
javac -classpath %path;C:\folder2 Class3.java,it
compiles fine.
a)when I am running from same directory
java Class3
it produces an error:NoClassDefintionFound
but when I comment out package line it works
b)javac -classpath %path;C:\folder1;C:\folder2;
C:\folder3 Class2.java produces an error,can't
read Class2.java.Why it happens while
import com.Class2; statement of Class3 in the same directory compiles without a problem?
In all, what modifications I have to make to compile and run in same directory.It now appears
to me like a ghost story
18 years ago
It's not.Now his name is not there in list of
18 years ago
Hai,any body know Desai Sandeep's exact e-mail
18 years ago
Thank you.Its working.Firstly I checked with
a tiny picture of 2kb.I think that was the problem.
18 years ago
I used out.flush() and out.close(),but no desired
(please comment out the line in for loop;
size = -1)
18 years ago

Here in the file created(hello.bmp) doesnt contain
anything that is in jyo.bmp,infact an empty file.
Why so?Any body could write a program so that
it contains what is inside jyo.bmp
[ May 10, 2002: Message edited by: Dirk Schreckmann ]
18 years ago
hai Oscar,
I want to walk through jcert path.
could you give me advice on oracle jdevoloper
books,time needed for preparation and mock available in net so that we could make that too
like the scjp forum of here.
18 years ago
I also managed to pass with 76%.

It took around 3 months of hard working(of
course,I take too long breaks in between owing
to personnal matters).I had little or no experience in programming itself when I started.
I finished my exam in 1hr30mts thanks to my anxiety.
I sincerly thank people like Valentine,Jose,
Dave,Sun Gr...,Corey McGlone,Ravish.Java ranch
is an excellent resource for exam preparation

Let me give my mock exam score information for
aspirant's information.If more and more people
could join on this matter,it will be an asset to java ranch;
i) Barry Boone-85%
ii) R&H exercises-83%
iii) R&H mock -85%
iv) javaprepare.com-84%
v) valiveru.tripod.com-69%
vi) Valentine -38%
vii) go4java mock-I - 73%
viii)go4java mock-II- 54%
ix) Mughal mock - 65%
x) JQ+ trial - 75%
xi)Jxam - 74%
xii)Ditmas - 82%
xiii)G.Sun Mock I - 74%
xiv) J Tips-I - 47%
xv) G.sun Mock II - 63%
xvi) G.Sun Mock - III- 68%
I taken these exam in top to bottom order over
one month of time,This may reveal more of my weakness sometimes,but if many people could post
like this it will be a reliable database.

Finally I request to seniors to give me more
information on ORACLE JDEVOLOPER EXAM-how many months of preparation is eeded,books,mock
exams available on net, atleast on JDevoloper
18 years ago
please sombody come up about information on
specific books and time needed for exam.I know
little bit of oracle
Jyothi Abraham
18 years ago