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Recent posts by Joe Nelson

I'm having problems with updating from a list of checkboxes. The application displays a list of data in which one of the columns is a list of checkboxes used to update a flag in the table. The requirement is that the user can select all of the checkboxes displayed, deselect all of the checkboxes displayed, select individual boxes, or select all/select none and them go back and select/deselect specific ones; all followed by selecting update and saving the changes.

This application is working fine when the user selects all and updates, selects none and updates, or selects individual boxes and updates.

But when they try to do a select all or select none, then go back and select of deselect a one or more boxes and then select updates, the individual selections are lost and only the mass selection is saved.

I inherited this code and am new to Grails. I've spent two days debugging this and searching the web but still cannot see what is wrong. It just seems to ignore the individual changes once the mass selection is made and I can't see why.

Any help to explain what is going wrong would be greatly appreciated!

The code for generating the list with the checkboxes:

The code for the update, select all, and select none controls:

The related javascript functions:

The groovy controller method:

8 years ago
OK, Ive been fighting this for a while and cannot figure it out. I'm new to Grails, so have mercy.

I have a need to set a checkbox as checked as the default. I've been able to get the checkbox to work with my query when I leave it as unchecked as default.

My checkbox definitions is:

I have tried setting the "checked" attribute and I've tried various permutations of setting the params.areDuplicatesExcluded in my controller. But so far, everything I have tried either has no effect at all, or sets the parameter to checked no matter how the box is set.

I know this should be easy, but I have hit a brick wall.

Any help would be appreciated. How do I default the checkbox to checked and still get it to work?
8 years ago
We are upgrading from JBoss 4.2 to 4.3.

For XA transactions, we are currently using:


Is there a newer, recommended version set of these libs for JBoss 4.3?
12 years ago