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swaroop shastri

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1. Vodka
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17 years ago

rich and happy[/QB]

17 years ago

Originally posted by Angela D'souza:
My actual name is Anuja

its a naming policy in JavaRanch that you have to use your acual name.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Mitchell Kave:
i have one simple question for me to finish.
and i dont know how?

If it's "simple" why dont u solve it urself. stop posting your homework here.
this is the other homework this same person had posted a while back!
[ June 07, 2002: Message edited by: swaroop shastri ]
17 years ago
Which part of US do you live in, Angela ?
17 years ago

Originally posted by Pranav Jaidka:
Is metal or plastic healthy ??? Plastics especially can be dangerous.

Definitely not. You should not eat them.
17 years ago
Merger followed by dissolution!!
17 years ago
Shouldn't line 20 be
instead of

So, here it is Kave, your assignment. Hope it helps and wish you good luck.
Great research, Fred
17 years ago
Awesome site, Al Ian! Your work would help a lot of people struggling to get around browser limitations. Thanks a bunch, dude.
In the long run, people would find out that atomic/nuclear technology didnt change the world one bit!
Einstein had this to say.

Albert Einstein died on April 18, 1955. Einstein left behind more than perhaps anyone ever has. Many today are still exploring the theories that were proposed by this great philosopher. "I don't know what kind of weapons will be used in the third world war, assuming there will be a third world war. But I can tell you what the fourth world war will be fought with - stone clubs."

Excerpt taken from
Unfortunately Javaranch wouldnt be around that long for people to read this thread. Do i sound a pessimist :roll:
18 years ago
Are you trying to commmunicate between an applet and javascript? If so, then it is possible to accomplish this.
If you are trying to communicate between JS(executing on a client browser) and Servlet/JSP running on an application server, i guess the scheme you are following is not correct.
More description of your problem and sample code that you have been using to do this, would help fellow ranchers help you further!
David, You might be right. I had implemented a similar thing a while back. If you have a redirection instruction that executes in 0 sec's the user will have to hit the back button in *very* quick succession to be able to go to the "back" page!
AFAIK there is no such method. Consider re-populating the list/combo box through JS.