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Recent posts by Hatem Alimam

Hi everybody ...

I wonder how can I generate a custom user URL in java ?

I mean when a user registers in my website I want to generate a custom profile page url example : http//mydomain/username >>>>this url takes the user to his profile page

regards ))
14 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

I have a tiny question ....

I have Primary Key Field (ID) in a normal entity bean
and in the MySQL DB, I put auto increment on the Primary Key (ID) column .....

all looks great .... but there's a problem I can't get the ID from the persisted entity in the same transaction !!!

should I put @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) ....

I tried to put it but I got an exception indicating that there's is no 'schema-name.sequence' I don't know what is wrong .... why it's requiring 'schema-name.sequence' !!!

or there's another way to do that ?

am I missing something should I remove
Hello ranchers,

my issue is that i have a select one menu component that takes its selectItems list from
a method in the backing bean, but i was wondering how can i pass a parameter to that
method through JSF.
the final would look something like this:

in jsf page

in the backing bean

am not sure if this the right logic to solve such an issue,

many thanks...
14 years ago
aha icefaces is good but a little tricky ..... a lot of bugs .... not flixable much...
in the end Richfaces is very very good framework and it worth to take a look.

Best Regards.
14 years ago
The problem is that your Calendar component did not load it's javaScript files normally so this is the solution .

Best regards.
14 years ago
You mean that you have field in the backing bean or managed bean you want the textfield to display it after an action ?
14 years ago

Carlos Mendoza wrote:
If i bind its component's value to a bean property, the text field doesn't show the value after submit.

I believe you are losing the value because your backing bean on the request-scope.
try to put it on the session-scope and see what happens.

Best Regards.
14 years ago

Kavita Tipnis wrote:
2) Look and feel is ok but a little rigid

As I surfed through Richfaces I came into "skinning" thing, and as I understood it affects the style of richfaces components through normal CSS classes ?

On the other hand ADF visualization is kick-ass tech, but a little too complicated to apply,and it's good for really big enterprise web applications.
I believe Richfaces is cool for me so far.
more opinions would be really helpful.

big thanks.
14 years ago
The thing is I can't change my selectItem Array or Vector for some reasons (the values in the selectItem Array in my case are Strings) ....
But I found a convincing solution ...
I have defined in the backing bean an emptyString = ""

and in the value of the selectOneChoice I did this

the values are displayed but unfortunately the selectOneChoice is changed to outText

anyway i'll keep in touch for this issue for the benefit of the others that they would have this issue .

Thanks Tim
14 years ago
aha that's right Tim,

But I think that the ADF <af:selectOneChoice> has another behavior then the plan Html ....

I am wondering why the values are not displayed correctly(put a certain selected item based on the value), When I convert my Long value to a String in the backing bean everything works will (put the converted Long in <af:selectOneChoice> value ).

Note : the selectItem Vector, the values in it are String . ----> the selectItem Vector is assigned to the <f:selectItems> value inside the <af:selectOneChoice>.
So I think this is the reason .

after all I don't have a solution but to do the conversion .

Best Regards.
And thanks all.

By the way Tim I like you truly signature .
14 years ago
Hi Ranchers,

A Question came to my mind if you have a new brand project (JSF), What would chose ADF(Oracle) Or RichFaces(JBoss) ? And Why ? .

This is a good question .

Ok all that I know is Richfaces version is 3.3.2 , And ADF is 11.

I have developed a project and my choice was ADF 10 (10 months ago).
But i felt my self kind of tided to some rules ... which it was a nightmare for me ...

I saw the live demos , actually there are tempting components in both sides .

So what do you think ADF Or Richfaces ???

Thanks guys .
14 years ago
Hi Rohit ,

The reason of doing this is that I have a selectOneChoice which the value of it is a String and in my Bean the value is Long ...
So in this case if I give the value of the selectOneChoice directly from my bean class which it is a Long value , it don't understand it so it doesn't assign it to the right selected item.

so in this case I have to put a converter to it in other words a Holder, Inside the holder I do the conversion and assign these values to the selectOneChoice instead of assigning it directly from the bean classe. This is the first issue , The second is when I get the values back I have to reconvert them to Long so they fit in my bean for a DB process.

So I thought if there's any way to convert them to a String in the EL expression so I can drop one issue, Which it is the first one.

I hope I describe it clearly .

Thanks .
14 years ago
Hi ranchers..
as the title says, i have a .jsf page with a form
binded to an element in the backing bean..
now the object in the backing bean returns some values as Long objects
whereas i want it as String inside the form elements.
any way to convert it directly inside the el expression
something like this:

<h:inputText value="#{ convert long to string directly }" />
14 years ago
sorry Mr.Ulf to do this ( posting it in other forum )

but I was in dispirit need to know the answer.

anyway thanks a A Lot you are the best.
14 years ago