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Recent posts by Ahmad Saleh

mine says "Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Gold SE 7 " too, but I have no idea what does it mean.

Roel De Nijs wrote:Did you already got the e-mail you should get with the pass/fail grade? That's what you should get to inform you (and if you take a look at the 3 people who started a "passed ocmjd" topic yesterday they all got an e-mail).
Someone was even capable to get an actual score (which would be a good thing if everybody could do this).

After reading this thread I checked my Pearson account and I found that I have passed

I did not receive any email from Oracle (nor Pearson for that matter), I uploaded my assignment on September 22 and sat for the essay on September 26 (I'm not sure when I received the passing score).

My score is available on Pearson account; the Exam History shows two items, one for the essay and the other for the assignment, clicking on the assignment's "View Score Report" opens a pdf with the total score (no details of the sections).

In addition to the total score, the pdf basically says the following:

Congratulations! You have achieved the highest level of Java Certification one can achieve. You are among the
elite group of individuals who can call themselves a Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master. Your new
Java Standard Edition 6 Developer Certified Master credential is being processed. This credential will be mailed to
you at the address we have on file for you in your testing profile. Please check your profile at
http://certview.oracle.com for your most current mailing address.
Details of a passing score are not displayed in order to maintain test security. This score report is the only
information you will be provided.
On behalf of Oracle University, congratulations!

By the way, I got 380/400
I have not asked any question on the forum, but I found in it the answer for every thing that crossed my mind, many thanks to all of you guys.
8 years ago

Sean Keane wrote:
Surely you would not want to allow the client running in network mode to write the cache back to the file. In order to prevent this, you would need to introduce a test somewhere in the client to either check what mode the client is running in, or check the underlying class of the instance of the business service you have. Neither which seem nice:

I can't see a big issue in allowing the client to save the data on the file.
In my implementation, I allowed the clients to save the cached data (it is always saved on a client's shutdown) and I gave the user the ability to save the data anytime while running the client from the menu item.
The only side effect that I don't like is that when a client saves the data, it saves all clients' changes (not only its own), its not so bad side effect though.

I'm actually against records caching, but Oracle's interface is restricting me.
This seems to be a problem in eclipse, try a fresh installation.