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Recent posts by james royson


I want to import my Excel file into MySQL database using Java. I have used Apache POI for this reason. I have one Column named "Mobile Number" that contains 10 digit numeric values (e.g. 9876543210 ). now when i read this value from excel file it gives me like "9.876543210E9".

My code is like this :

In above code. I am checking for the cell value type. for that Mobile number column it gives me type "Numeric Cell Value", so I have to use cell.getNumericCellValue() .

Can anyone please tell me what i should make change to get that numeric values as string.?

Thanks in Advance.
Hi JavaRanchers

I am totally new in the field of JMS. As per my project requirement I have to use ActiveMQ. I have successfully configured ActiveMQ in my PC. when I run the url
"http://localhost:8161/admin", I am getting the admin page,that means my ActiveMQ is working. Now, the problem is I don't know Spring and as well as EJB (message Driven beans)- JMS. I have referred many websites,but all provides tutorial in Spring framework.

Can you provide some E-book or any link that provides me the better learning material without spring framework.?

Right now I am learning EJB's Message Driven Bean.

Is it necessary to have detailed experience in EJB to work with ActiveMQ.?

Thanks in Advance

James Royson

I have solution for your problem. i had also faced the same problem when i was beginner for Tapestry 5.0 framework. you can try this one, it works will work as per your need.

<t:grid t:source="allCelebrities" rowsPerPage="4"
PagerPosition="bottom" row="celebrity"
exclude="id, biography, birthDateVerified">

just replace "remove" attribute with "Exclude".


James Royson
Hi everyone

I am new to Tapestry.I want to use simple BeanEdit form in my demo application. I have followed all steps found from online websites. but i dont know what is the problem with my code?. when i run the application, it shows me blank HTML form. that should show me the BeanEdit form. I have created separate Bean class and other java class with all mapping.

can any one suggest me better demo from where I can learn BeanEdit form?

Should I need to make any mapping between my HTML page and Bean Class?

Any reply should be appreciated.
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