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Sujai Kaarthik

Ranch Hand
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since Dec 29, 2008
Career Oriented:

--Preparing for SCJP

--Oracle 9i - Course Completed

--Did projects on various platforms like JSP/Oracle, PHP/MySQL, Access.

--Participated in IBM's "The Great Mind Challenge" where I worked with DB2, J2EE, Ajax, Eclipse and Rational.

Extra Curricular:

--I served as a student's secretary during my post graduation. During my tenure, I have organized 3 intercollegiate technical symposium, 7 seminars and 2 workshops for my college

--Attended a 3-days program on "Mastering your skills" at Karl Kubel Institute of Development.

--I have won in many quiz competitions, sports events and paper presentations.

--An NSS volunteer and frequent blood donor


--More active on social networking sites!(I love Orkut and MySpace)

--A google aspirant

--A good right winger in my college football team and an allrounder in Cricket

--Listening to songs and watching movies. My favourite genre is Drama and action. I also like historical movies.

--Hanging out with my friends
Coimbatore, India
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Recent posts by Sujai Kaarthik

Thanks Seetharaman. I didnt thought of that really. Thanks very much for reminding me. Now I am able to solve
7 years ago
Thanks for the reply Maneesh.

How to check that?
When I use Integer.parseInt method, it throws that exception and my application stops. Without using that how can I check that whether it will throw that exception or not?
7 years ago
Hi guys,
I have a situation where I will get a String and need to check whether that String holds a number or a String and need to store it in another variable.
For example my input value may have "00002888" or "W-23HSG". The first String has number, so I can parse it to 2888 using Integer.parseInt("00002888"). What can I do for the other case?

I need to write like this:

I am getting number format exception. I know why it throws that exception. But, what should I do to overcome this exception?
7 years ago
eBook is the best option when we learn programming languages or any other tutorials regarding Computers. For all other cases, Paper-book is the best thing. This is just my opinion and this is what I do. Yes, storing and preserving them is a tough task, but still I like that smell of old books, so its worth of my effort to store them.
8 years ago
Thank you Seetharaman..

one more doubt,

do ResultSet, Connection, Statement and PreparedStatement have getMetaData method?
9 years ago
Are the implicit objects like request, response and out are visible in jspService(), _jspService(), jspInit(), jspDestroy()?
9 years ago
What a dream game for him.

He would be a big hit in PL.. Especially the finishing of 3rd goal. That was brilliant!!!

But, we have the Israeli fighter jet in Yossi!!!
Oh man, most of the time this season, he has saved our heads
10 years ago
I use Orkut mostly. thats enough for me.
10 years ago
Now the issue is:

The organization has a desktop version (created using swing) of a web application. They want me to run this desktop application without client JVM. Is it possible?

it is run from command line
10 years ago
but no Gerrard!!

still I have hope. They are without RVP and Adebayor. Man marking Fabregas will see us through

If Liverpool needs to life PL, we should win all the remaining matches.

This club is one of my favourite. I dont want them to be relegated. They'll be safe if they win 3 or 4 matches
10 years ago
If you see the election campaign in India, you will not believe recession has hit India. Billions of money (ofcourse black money) will be plunged into each and every constituency. There is also a tradition called "Cash for votes"
10 years ago
Thanks Bear. I am more clear now. I thought it as a geeky work
10 years ago
so will the application run when Java is disabled in the browser (given that there are no applets)?

10 years ago
thanks Bear for your reply.. yes, there is no applets in this application

but my boss insists that I should turn off client JVM. How to do this?

and also how to install server JVM?
10 years ago