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Recent posts by Rodrigo Tassini

Have you've solved this?

I'm having the same problem.
8 years ago
Thanks all.

Oracle create a new JSF Certification. It's in beta version. After SCWCD, I'll try this one.

13 years ago
Hi All,

I have passed SCJP 6 Exam in last saturday.

Thanks JavaRanch.

Go to SCWCD.

Rodrigo Tassini
13 years ago
Hi Prasad Kharkar

I don't found a reference to line 11 in your chart:

Could you explain me this.


Are you using Windows ?

I think the problem is in line 1 of your posted code.

Try to use this:

13 years ago
In real SCJP test the number of correct options is mentioned.
The first thing that happen into a constructor is a implicite call to a super(), but you can insert a call to a overriden constructor whith super(something).
Look for this code.

All constructor has a implicite call for a super().

This line

called a override constructor

then, a call to a super(), without argument, hapened.
The first thing a constructor do, is a call to super().
Sorry, I don't understand.
Don't have a Factory method to DateFormat that receive a TimeZone.
14 years ago
Dear friends,

I have a swing application, that I need only hour and minute, in the DB it's stored with date, time.

My app do this:

The output of syso in the code is that:

2)26/02/2010 12:00

Would anyone knows why the output of a String is not 20/02/2010 09:00 ??
(The format date is to Brazil, then the format is dd/MM/yyyy, MM/dd/yyyy like the USA).

14 years ago
Question 13, chapter 2 from K&B Book.

Which of the following lines of code could be inserted at line 11
and still allow the code to compile? (choose all that apply)
A. Beagle b2 = (Beagle) dog1;
B. Beagle b3 = (Beagle) dog2;
C. Beagle b4 = dog2;
D. None

The correct answer are A and B, but I understand C is correct to.
Can someone explain why not?
Someday I will know the snow.
Nowadays, only ice cubes to minimize the temperature of 35ÂșC, something like 95F.
14 years ago

Nice your blog.

Continue writing this.

See u.
14 years ago
Sorry guys, I'd make a mistake.

The correct pattern is