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M Kothawade

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Recent posts by M Kothawade

I think - creating a Transaction class makes sense which would have all the variables (like cost per recipient etc.) as static and it will also have static methods which will have email object as input and cost as output. Email class can have a variable to store the total cost. email object will invoke the static method of Transaction just before sending the email.
I am thinking Transaction class as a utility here. In future, Transaction class might a subclass of an interface to use a strategy pattern.
Please correct if this design is not correct.
Kindly note that he mentioned 'iteration' and not 'random access' for linked list.
I feel iteration "might be" slower in linkedlist compared to arrayList but if it is slower it has to be slightly slower and not considerably slower.
System.out.printf("%d", 12.3);
throws exception.

System.out.printf("%b", 12.3); doesn't throw any exception.
C:\study\scjp>javac -version
javac 1.6.0_07

The following code is supposed to give unchecked warning. But it doesn't.
Am I worong in my understanding?
uncommenting the code gives compiler warnings.

import java.util.*;
public class Generics{
public static void main(String []args){
ArrayList als = new ArrayList<String>();

ArrayList alo = new ArrayList();

Collection<?> c = new ArrayList();
Object obj = null;

List lg = new ArrayList<Generics>();
I bought K&B and read it. I bought Mughal but haven't read it. Since I am concentrating only on exam right now, I was planning to have another book which is also exam-centric.
About mock exams, I would be trying all the mock exams provided with K&B. I will also check out mock exams available with Mughal book.
About the JLS and API doc, I guess it would be overwhelming for me right now and also JLS and API would also be covering topics which fall outside the scope of exam.
Anyways, these were useful suggestions and I would have really tried out these if I had plenty of time available.
I ordered exam voucher last week and I got one with expiration date of 4/2/2009. So I am trying to put my time to best use.
Hi Bhushan,
Your post was insightful. I will surely try to get one more source other than K&B.

Let me know if you have come across this book -- -- and how would you rate it.

By the way, I already have Khalid Mughal's book (for SCJP 1.4) but I want to be exam-centric right now.

Let me know if you have anything else to suggest for better preparation.
I came across this post a little late. I bought the voucher on 24th December with validity only upto 04/02/2009. I paid 7200 Rs. I got the voucher from AI Soft Technologies.

Can anybody tell me is it the same thing with other sun certifications as well? I mean SCWCD, SCBCD etc. Can we get exam vouchers of SCBCD, SCWCD at lower cost with lesser validity period?