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Recent posts by Tom Ben

You just need to go to the website of the company that the pager is thru. Mine is thru arch. I go there thru java and I am just piggy backing the data thru the HTTP Server as if I was there typing it in.*;*;
these two packages should do it.
21 years ago
Please post your entire program so I can see it please. One way or another will figure this out.
21 years ago
It sounds as if you are reading the file in as binary and then writing it out as text. how are you writing this out? Please display that part of your code.
21 years ago
I am trying to make sure I understand what it is you are asking to better give you an answer. You want to send an id to a url (are you doing it thru a GET type send or a POST type send). Then read thru the response of the url?
21 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Keohan:
I am so utterly fed up having to ask classpath questions (due to my own memory loss or stupidity)but here I go again. On an NT machine, if I change the classpath settings under Control Panel->System->Environment, does this change it for everything? If I then got to my dos prompt can I assume that the classpath update is now included here? How do I look up classpath from the dos prompt and see all those same settings I see under the Control Panel?

Once you set any Enviroment Variables in Control Panel->System->Environment just go to a dos prompt and type set this will show you all Enviroment Variables or just type echo %name% That will take care of it.
21 years ago

Originally posted by woodsroy:
Hi All,
I'm considering taking the Developer Certification and I had a question regarding the tools that we are allowed to use for the assignment part. Are we limited to simple text editors (notepad, textpad, etc) or are we allowed to used IDEs (VisualAge, Forte, etc.)?

I agree with everyone that says that coding with a textpad makes you a better coder but yet disagree. I use FORTE to code everything I do in Java. I do not use it to write any of my code. I code all my Layouts thru code and all my database connections. The only things I use it for are the abilities to debug, create packages, and the inteliSense parts when you are coding. I have learned for the most part what classes are subclasses of the other and so forth, but there are alot of methods in each Class so I do like being able to look up which methods I have available to me. I ONCE tried to use the GUI layout piece of it and hated it. Coding it yourself gives you 100% control over the program.
Just my 2 cents!
I can not get my tomcat server to see my Java Beans. Do I need to setup something in the web.xml file or no? I have the correct path it works great on my machine but when I move it to another in the same setup it does not see them. If so where is a good resource on how to set this file up correctly?
21 years ago
Yes the single quotes worked I tried the Access SQL window and it worked fine with both single and double quotes. The substring usage is because the number object is a telephone number (444)111-2345
Thanks for the help everyone
I am trying to insert some data into an Access DB. Here is my sql statement.

st is an object of Statement.
I get this error message [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]To few parameters. Expected 3
I table only has three fields and I am only passing it three values in the order they are to go in. I tested the sql statement in Access and it worked. Please Help
[ Edited by Dave to format code ]
[ February 24, 2002: Message edited by: David O'Meara ]
Not sure what ftp api you are using but in the one I use I can have it return to me a listing of all the files and directories on the remote machine just as if I typed "dir" or "ls -la" depending on your remote machine. Then I just have it pull out all the directory names so I know if they exists. I tried using the File class to test on the remote machine but it did not work.
22 years ago
why not just use Ftp to send the file back and forth?
I have a program that goes out to a website and retrieves some information for me. My problem is that I have it read another url out of the page and then connect to it. Put after so long it just stops and does not move. Is there some time frame that I need to look at or some thing with making connections to the internet using this. I have looked at the HttpURLConnection class but not sure if it will work.
You have the idea that I want put the form does POST. I wish it did a GET but does not.
I am using the Email API to connect to my pop3 account a list all my messages. By if the message is not new then it tells me that the Folder is empty when I know there is three already opend emails in there I am using
"int totalMessages = folder.getMessageCount();"
but it keeps saying that there are zero message in the INBOX. What am I doing wrong here?
22 years ago
Can you connect to a web page from a application and have it enter information in the text fields and then submit the form?