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Recent posts by Mike Nightsky

Thank you all for your thoughts and answers.

Our architects have some thing thought up with the command pattern. We give it a try in a prototype.
But a solution with a rules engine (Jess, JBPM) has not died completly.

Thank's for your help and keep up the good work you all do here!

Mike Nightsky
10 years ago
@Bear Bibeault:
I have to decide which object to instantiate at runtime. Because, some times the baseline can change at runtime.

@Bill Shirley:
Sorry, i don't have an excample at hand now. But it's like checking ranges, and enum values.

@Vilmantas Baranauskas:
I will discuss this with the architects in the other teams at my company.

Thanks for your answers.
Mike Nightsky
10 years ago
@Champbell Ritchie
This would work fine for one occurence but there are about 100-150 Objects that need different handling for each and every baseline.
Different checking algorithms and additional different gui visibility.

@Bear Bibeault
Then the if-elseif tree just moved a bit, but still exists.
By the way this was how the old application was meant to be.
[ June 25, 2008: Message edited by: Mike Nightsky ]
10 years ago
Im writing an application which can be configured with defined confiugrations (baseline) at the moment 5-8.
So some functions (for gui, check algorithms) have to do the processing in diffent way depending on the baseline. Not completly different but, slightly other.
Now we do this :

This is very hard to maintain...
So we want to change this to something more sofisticated.

Additional we sometimes have to handle fields for a baseline that do not exist in an earlier one.

I would appreciate any help with this topic

Thank you in advance
10 years ago

Some times windumb does not recognize there was a new environment variable created.
So either start your shell/dosbox where you startet your WAS from new or reboot.
Make sure that the variable is still there after the reboot.

11 years ago
That was very useful.
13 years ago
Is it possible to execute java code that i get from an input field in a running java application dynamical?
13 years ago
Thanx for the answer. But i did it another way.
selected all employee_id's and counted the entrys where skill in (skill1, skill2) grouped by employee_id in an subselect, then i checked the number of skills per employee id and return only the valid counts.

select distinct employee_id form table a , (select distinct assessment_id, count(assessment_id) as counter from table where skill_id in (1,2,3,4) group by assessment_id) b where b.counter =4 and b.assessment_id = a.assessment_id

and that's the magic. a little ugly but it works for any number of skills

Originally posted by vishnu prakash:
Thanks Adeel Ansari.

I like to know the difference between RequestDispatcher in ServletRequest and ServletContext

In page 204 of Head First Servlet and Jsp book it says

Getting RequestDispatcher from ServletRequest

If the path does NOT start with forward slash,it is considered relative to the original request.

RequestDispatcher dispatch = request.getRequestDispatcher("TestJspOne.jsp");

This is a relative path(because there is no forward slash) So in this case the container looks for "TestJspOne.jsp" in the same logical location the request is "in".

Doesn't this mean that I should put the jsp in the same servlet package. Kindly explain me "relative path"

How to use this RequestDispatcher without a (slash). If I use like this where should I place the JSP file.

You could use a namedDispachter, but then the jsp has to have a mapping in the web.xml
I'd never used the requestDispatcher form the request. (no specific reason)
13 years ago
I have a table
with columns

and i want to have all employee_id's (distinct)
that have all given skill_id's

I hope i did not dublicat a question, but i didn't know how formulate may search query to find my anser. By the way i searched but didn't come up with a n answer.

My question.
I have a base class -> A
and i have a class thats extends A -> Ab (its extends it only in methods not in data)

if i get a A and want a Ab is there a simpler way to acompolish this than
crate an constructor in Ab that takes an A and pulls out the values and puts it into the super()-constructor?

Maybe its a intermediate question, but i didn't came up with a solution.
thanx in advance
13 years ago
If you instantiate the session you could set each session its own time to live
14 years ago
simply to have an easy way to order the package imports (dumb ascii-sort).
If it was the other way round you would have a lot of package imports beginning with * or with some curious names and the package affiliation is hard to recognize aside from this, i recommend to ask this question in java-Basic.
[ January 10, 2005: Message edited by: Mike Nightsky ]
14 years ago
Although it do not belong to here, because its an SQL-problem.
I think you could not accomplish the task in one select/query.
It will be a row of selects/querys.