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Recent posts by Rebecca Hopper

I have written a CaptchaService for a web application using Open Source Java. It includes both image and audio. However, I am now faced with populating the word list from which the audio captcha challenge will be randomly selected. Right now it is being done manually.

How have other people done this? My ideas are:

1. Write a WordUtility to grep words from various texts, using specific criteria. Periodically change the text and re-generate the list.
2. Database containing words that can be used for this purpose (I have not yet found an open source one)

Instead of:

You should have:

8 years ago
1. My company recently started using Open Message Queue (the Sun implementation of JMS) in its applications. Would we have to switch to ActiveMQ to use the Camel framework?

2. I was looking into Camel a few weeks ago, and downloaded the install file. It seemed (from the size of the download) to be a huge install. My first impression was that it would be heavyweight to run, sucking up lots of CPU cycles. Is this the case?

3. How steep is the learning curve for Camel?
Thank you!!!

I have been looking for a link to download the providerutil and fscontext jars on Oracle's site, and could not find it.

None of the Sun links work anymore, of course.
Found out what was wrong, posting in case anybody else has this problem. My translator parseText () method had already run, so that the field value was no longer in this format, but in the format to be stored in the database.

Here is the main problem with Tapestry, to the best of my knowledge. A lot of companies did projects in 4.1, and it had its drawbacks, but developers liked it because it allows you to create components, and can therefore speed development for large projects. However, when the architect/creator (Howard Lewis Ship) came out with the next iteration of the framework (5.0) it was not backwards-compatible, so he lost a lot of followers at that point. Upgrading a project from 4.1 to 5.0 is "a do-over." And how can we trust that, even if we re-do our project in 5.0, the next iteration will not be another do-over?

You might, therefore, have trouble finding experienced 5.0 developers. My company's project is in 4.1, and we are not doing it over in the forseeable future.

You might want to verify that 6.0 will be backwards-compatible before you start your project.
I am using a custom translator, which is working fine. The Validator, however, is displaying an error message every time, even when the discount percent entered in the field is in the correct format. I think my regexp pattern is OK, so what am I missing? This is the code from the *.page

Try setting not-null="false" for those values in your table which are not required by the database. I can't remember offhand whether it defaults to true or false, but we always set ours, one way or another.

If that doesn't help, please post the code where you are trying to update. It should be something like this:

Also, if you have a Dye class, and = die_id in DyeCirculation class, then you should have a foreign key mapping in your DyeCirculation.hbm.xml, or the database will not save/update/cascade in the way you intend. Also, you will not be using Hibernate to the extent of its performance-enhancing abilities.

Also, try looking here Hibernate Mapping Cheat Sheet
or here Hibernate Common Problems FAQ
In the error message, I see DyeDao, and you are updating DyeCirculation? So, I agree with Mark, it is probably the FK to this table which is missing. Maybe you need a one-to-many and many-to-one mapping added to these 2 classes.
I think that certifications show potential employers that you are motivated to learn on your own, and to do things above & beyond what is strictly required.

Also, the SCWCD exam is on basic topics that everyone should know. So, it's like a building block. You can build on this by learning more frameworks. I have used lots of frameworks, but you can use them without full understanding of what is happening behind the scenes, which can be dangerous.

No, I haven't taken the exam yet either, but I have been studying for it, and am finding everything I learn very useful on the job. I have heard other people say that studying for it is the valuable part, not the actual credential. I tend to agree, though resume-fodder is always nice.
The last post from Darya got me to do some more checking.

Depending where you look, Rebecca means something different. I don't really trust any of them.

I then posted a question in probably very bad, ungrammatical German to the Lycos website. Someone replied that "According to Heinz," my ancestor named Hopper was a hop-farmer, the hops that are important in brewing beer.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Nach Heintze: Die deutschen Familiennamen ist das auch ein deutscher Nachname und bedeutet, dass der namenslebende Vorfahr Hopfenbauer gewesen ist, d.h., er hat den für das Bierbrauen wichtigen Hopfen angebaut.

10 years ago
My first name (Rebecca) is in the Old Testament, but I read somewhere that it isn't Hebrew, they think it may be Persian in origin. Nobody knows what it means.

My last name, I always thought it had something to do with growing hops or harvesting hops, but it may not be English. I am part English, but also part German and lots of other nationalities, and have not been able to trace that branch of my family back far enough to know where they came from. It may have come from the Netherlands, as Hoppe, and the "r" was added later. I don't know what Hoppe means, though.

And no, I am not related to Grace Hopper, unfortunately.
10 years ago
This one from Ghandi stuck in my head (I remember it from the film, I hope I'm not butchering it):

Everything we do is insignificant, but it is very important that we do it.

That guy had a million of 'em.
11 years ago
Is your book going to be made available on O'Reilly Safari, as Head First Servlets and JSP is?
There is a way to verify this with Sun, as they maintain a Certification Database. However, I can't find a specific link for employers to view it. You might want to contact Sun directly. This site has contact information.
11 years ago