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Recent posts by Siddharth Mehrotra

Hi I have been tring to have JCombobox inside a particular column of my JTreeTable. The data to be shown inside the ComboBox is is different for each row.
I have set the renderer for the column.
but the problem is that although I have been able to show the JCombobox , the data shown in the JCombobox is not proper.
16 years ago
hi sachin ,
I have been able to add the combobox,
but it is not working, i mean i can see the first element, but when i expannd the combo i dont see any data of the combo, and after collapsing the combo it gets back to the same, state showing the first element.

let me tell you what i have done,
I created the combobox insside the method getTableCellRendererComponent,
and returned it.
is it right, i guess i will have to modify the getvalueat and setvalueta methods also, but i have no clue as to how shoud i modify the same, for using combobox.
16 years ago
hi sachin,
you have given some light to what my problem is,
actually when i said treetable, it is a table where i have set a tree renderer for one column, so i have a jtree inside i a jtable.
so eventually i feel i need a cellrenderer for jcombobox, you have mentioned a method in your statement can you, elaborate more on that with respect to JTable.
16 years ago
I have been struggling to add a jcomboox inside a jtreetable.
can anyone assist me with some code snippet.
16 years ago
Hi Tim,
What you ave suggeted is definatley an option that was not in my mind, Nut i dont think my clients will like the addition of another Page, for printing, they were are against the principle of having many htmls, or jsps as there might be security loopholes, however tight we code for security, hence we have everything in applet. I just finished writing code for printing and print preview through applet, all works fine , but there are no grids. although the client has not come back with request for grids , but iam sure he will.. so is there any other way to get around this trap.
17 years ago
Hi , Iam printing JTable from JApplet, iam able to get the printing functionality, but the printed output does not show the grids of JTable.\
can anyone tell me what am i missing .
17 years ago
Its possible keisin syu
here is the code.. try it out
System.out.println("---------------"); br = new;
String name = br.readLine();
String mon = br.readLine();
17 years ago
HI, I had the same probelm on AIX, It displayed all chineese charachters as ?? , all I did was that before running the program I used to set the Locale of the session so that it understood the language, like i used to set Lang to zh_tw.Big5.
there must something similar for your choice of language
17 years ago
Caching of lookups, will definately be an advantage,
cause the local reference gives you the advantage only in calls, as the passing og parameters will be by reference. But as far as I Know there are no specs in EJB2.0 that says that since the reference is local there has to be any change in the way lookup has to be performed.
You might get that advantage by the wat appserver implements its lookup operation, but for that you have to go through your selected appserver.
So as long as you are caching lookups, there is no harm as to where you deploy the code.
And also tom if you decide to change to older ejb spces, ot drop the idea of using local reference. you code will be efficient in that case also.
what do you mean by "Window" (w) version comand...
can u explain that...
and about javaw and java..
can u give some more light on it
17 years ago
hi Theo,
first of all hearty congrats for your achivement.
iam just a toddler for this forum, and i have yet to start with my preparations.
can you tell me hat to study and from where.
any help will be appreciated.
Thanking you in advance
18 years ago
yup the total cost of scea is about 26k in india
i had passed scjp long time ago,
and had filled the contract with which i got access to the SCJP logo on the site for which the url was provieded by sun.
i had the logo downloaded but some how my hdd got crashed and now i dont have the logo and the url that was given to me is not working.
can anyone tell me the url from where they downloaded the logos, i have my own username and password.
18 years ago
I ahve a normal servlet,
so as per the client requests it is going to spawn new threads for service method.
and for some condition i want to have a wait and notify methods in the servlet.
Is that okay.
cos someone on my office was sayingt that it is not advisable to use wait and notify in service methods of servlets.
but as far as my knowledge is concerened, i feel that if i want to keep data consistent across multiple thread we have to use waut and notify.
can anyone throw some light on this
18 years ago
hi there,
is there any FAQ's for this forum, lik we have for all other forums on javaranch