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Amit Agrawal

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Recent posts by Amit Agrawal

anyone here into game consoles?

I need some advice - after years of playing games on PC, I think i am finally ready to move into world of PS3/Wii/Nintendo. However not sure which one to go for!

Any advice as which one is best and which is value for money etc.

(i will be a buyer in UK - in case local experts have some suggestions based on UK market prices)

12 years ago
Is Google Wave currently by Invitation only?

If yes, can someone please share one of the invitation with me. Thanks in advance.

12 years ago

Originally posted by David O'Meara:
I think the biggest online money spinners are porn, crime and spam. Which appeals the most?

Oh! i always thought spreading virus will bring me more money...
13 years ago
well if prophecy is right, late september should be good....
13 years ago

Originally posted by Ulf Dittmer:
I'm guessing you'd also like to know next week's lotto numbers?

13 years ago

Originally posted by R K Singh:
I am not able to install on MS Vista (32 bit).

works fine for me....

check if proxy/windows defender blocking it!
13 years ago
Guys, anyone tried installing google's tool bar in Chrome?

Its fun :-)
13 years ago
well, imho chrome has not been developed for pure technical reasons. i guess a large % of pc user mainly use:

1. a browser
2. an office pack (excel, word, ppt etc) and ofcourse
3. a gui based operating system

though google would end up killing firefox, i don't think its strategic focus was firefox users. even the whole comic strip runs on IE v/s chrome basis (without any attention to firefox).

firefox captured approximately 19% of the market share but its still far from being a real threat to IE which remains "the browser" for windows users and covers almost 74% of overallbrowser market. google hopes that its brand would help chrome doing the same damage to IE which gmail did to yahoo and hotmail.

i will not be surprised if i see a free google operating system in another couple of years especially if chrome is successful.
13 years ago
I liked the browser - esp its speed in comparison to IE8 (beta). I am also happy with what i learned about its memory and process management.

However i would use it only for very limited browsing for the exact reasons Pat mentioned.
13 years ago