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Recent posts by morph wang

I want to print the SCJP logo on my personal business card, I send my logo agreement to sun for months, but get nothing. I want to know if I can sigh the aggreement online, and get the logo?
thanks advance !
20 years ago
I used BorderLayout with three panel in north, center and south area.
"mode swith on-the-fly" means:
the connection mode is not given at command line, but will be choosed by client via GUI Menu "File->connect->" after the client GUI is startup. And client can switch connection mode without restart, provided he/she disconnect the current first.
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well, I know the purpose of XML( it accomodate data) and XSL(it represent XML data), but what's the purpose of XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) and XSLT(XSL Translation) ? what does they buy me ??
any comment will be greatly appreciated !
General Considerations(maximum = 58): 55 Documentation(maximum = 20): 20 GUI(maximum = 24): 24 Server(maximum = 53): 49

do track client ID (with server side agent to client)
do check defunct client (with client callback)
use textfield rather than combobox
mode switch on fly
html offline documents
I have a problem on how to config virtual host in tomcat 4.0
I have following in ~/conf/server.xml:

<Host name="morph" debug="0" appBase="/murphy" unpackWARs="true">
<Context path="" docBase="MyWebApp" />

where 'morph' is my host name, I have my web root at /murphy/MyWebApp.
when I invoke "http://morph:8080", the browser returns 404: The requested resource (/) is not available.
but I do have 'index.html' in '/murphy/MyWebApp/', and the same path works ok in WebLobic server.
any one can help me work around this problem ?
20 years ago

Objective5.1 ... Expunge a session object

How to expunge a session object ?
any comment will be appreciated.
according JSP Model 2 architecture,
the three tier of MVC:
JSP ------> View
Servlet ------> Controller
JavaBean ------> Model

Originally posted by Gagan Indus:
"Instance variables" are thread-safe only if your servlets implements [b]SingleThreadModel , or your JSP page-diective has isThreadSafe="false"

Thanks much. I agree with

Objective 7.1: Identify which attribute scopes are thread-safe:
Local variables
Instance variables
Class variables
Request attributes
Session attributes
Context attributes

I supposed the answer is:
Local variables
Instance variables
Request attributes
According to me understanding, the 'Session attributes' is the implicit 'session' object, and the 'Context attributes' is the implicit 'application' object. They are not thread-safe.
Please correct me if I'm wrong .
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Originally posted by ruijin yang:

The correct answer is "out.println(a+b);".Because ...

hahahahaha..., what a trick !
I got it, it's in JSP specification !

Originally posted by ruijin yang:

The correct answer is "out.println(a+b);".Because ...

quote from objective: [8.3: Given a JSP tag tuye, identify the equivalent XML-based tags.]
Any one know where can I get the official description of the "equivalent XML-based tags for JSP" ?
thanks advance !
Dear All:
I had attended the essay exam on Nov 8th, how should I get the result? should I visit periodically to check?
should it display the break up mark?
Thanks advance !
Thanks Carl, I got it. Very appreciated !