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Eliza Tworkowska

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Recent posts by Eliza Tworkowska

Hey guys,
Yes, Mariusz, this is a Polish lastname - this was not very hard to guess for you, was it ;-).
William, as far as how to pronounce it - my last name sounds as if it was written 'TVORCOVSKA'.
And if we are analyzing it - check this out:
See, it has 'work' in it - doesn't it make me look really dedicated ??? :-)
One last thing that has to do with foreign last names and job applications - I do have a friend that used to work at an HR department at a major telecommunication company, who openly admitted that out of many job applications she has received, she automatically disqualified those candidates with name that she could not pronounce - it made her job 'easier'..... How unfair.
19 years ago
Well, try pronouncing my last name ;-).
Talking about "tight job market" in NYC area - can somebody please post a success story ? Landing that dream job recently thanks to hard work and persistance ? I really need some encouragement...
19 years ago
Hi guys,
I'm wondering whether any of you has dealt with recruiting agencies during your job search - what has your experience been like ? How often should you keep in touch with them without being too annoying (and forgotten) ?
Good luck to all of you :-).
19 years ago
Ambitious, driven and highly motivated Software Designer interested in doing development in JAVA programming language is currently looking for a fast paced Software Engineer/Java Developer position in the New York City area.
* Sun Certified Programmer for JAVA 2 Platform
* B.Sc. in Computer Science (Queen's University, Canada)
* 3 years of professional experience with JAVA, JFC SWING, UML, UNIX, INFORMIX RDBMS, SQL, HTML, UML
Full resume can be viewed at
19 years ago
Thanks for all the replies. I know that the job fair is only for those who used to work in WTC - naturally those people have a priority... Either way I wouldn't be able to got there as I'm still in Canada. I figured it will be more beneficial if I save enough money to last me for a couple of months as I would like to pursue my new job full-time - it's tough and I don't want to "settle down". Have you had any luck with posting your resume online ? I'm interested in some far I got five responses, all from head-hunters.
19 years ago
Thanks for your input guys. That doesn't look promising - kind of what I was expecting but a little part of me was hoping to hear an encouraging success story of someone with limited experience who found a gold-mine job :-).
The reason I want to move to New York (besides wanting to do more development) is that my boyfriend was one of the poor souls that used to work for Nortel and got a "pink-slip". Fortunately for him, he landed a job with a startup financial company in NY after only four weeks.
What methods are you guys using ? Direct contact with potential companies, recruiting agencies ? Did you have some interviews that just didn't come through or there is absolutely no response ?
Thanks once again for your comments.
19 years ago
I'm thinking about moving to New York city area in a couple of weeks. I'm currently employed with a telecommunications company but I would like to do more development and it looks like my current position will not present me with suitable opportunities any time soon. I need some advice: does anybody know how hard is it to find a Java Programmer job in that area ? What is the time frame I'm looking at ? Any approved recruiting agencies ?
Summary of my qualifications:
B.Sc. in Computer Science (Queen's University, Canada)
Sun Certified Programmer for JAVA 2 Platform
2 years of professional experience
1 year Java (academic experience)
1 year Java (professional experience)
Any input would be greately appreciated.
19 years ago
Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform with more than two years of software development experience in demanding environment with aggressive deadlines. Proficiency in both Sun Solaris and Windows platforms. Understanding of Object Oriented practices and methodologies. Ability to work well both individually as well as part of a team. Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
If you're interested in looking at my resume, I can be reached through e-mail at

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19 years ago