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Recent posts by Lala Hardayal Bihari

Hi Moderators !
Today I came across a malacious post in XML Certification section. The post is Why XML ? In this post some people have used uncultured language against me. I am surprised how the moderators allowed this post to remain in the view.
I request you to remove the Why XML post from the above mentioned section immidiately.
20 years ago
Hi All,
I am planning to give XML Beta by next week. Hope the scheme for free voucher is still on.
Can those, who have obtained more than 75 % share their views on the complexity of Beta exam ?
Thanx in advance,
I think you have a brain of 8 years only. Why waste our time with such stupid post ?

I feel this fellow is lying about getting 100 %. It's a roose.
Sonalika, you have to provide evidence of this "achievement".
Your post here looks like thanksgiving ritual to me. You shaould have given concrete details of the exam instead of the long list of obligatory items.
20 years ago
Hi all,
I have been a regular visitor to this forum for last couple of weeks or so. I would like to put forward my strong suggestions to you which should make this forum a rendezvous point for professionals and not for immatures.
I would like all of us to follow the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) path to achieve the goals I list hereafter. The CMM model specifies Key Process Areas to have overall process improvement.
Before I continue, let me make following observations about this forum :
1. The postings in this forum have large volume but very little content. At times I have to go through meaningless drivel to pick up snippets of information about SCJP exam.
2. People simply post that they have passed and give hardly any details. "I shall be back" is the favourite line. Listen, we require information about SCJP, not just news of your passing. Nobody is going to set crackers off for you.
3. People are seen posting nonsensical issues here, for instance, "I live in Behrin", "I live in Timbaktoo". We are simply wasting our time reading this rot.
I would recommend following measures to be taken for overall improvement:
We shall strictly follow this format for Intergroup Co-ordination (CMM Level 3):
Header: Short Greetings
Subject: Announcement of the "news" of your passing the exam" (with percentage).
Body : The nature of exam in terms of difficulty level,
The content in terms of topics breakup
Instructions: This section will record your recommendations
Books and References: Records the material you used for passing the exam.
Your Initial:
People may ask, who is Lala to dictate all this? Remember, by adhering to these standards, we shall evolve into mature professionals who give more importance to exact details and not to absurd rattling.
Thanks for reading all this
20 years ago
It seems you are only interested in Certifications that you can achieve somehow in 3-4 months. Be careful, You will have bagsfull of certifications and no expertise at all. In such case, the certificates would mean nothing but useless papers.
[This message has been edited by Marilyn deQueiroz (edited September 01, 2001).]
20 years ago
I am amazed as to how people post their certification details here. It is often foolish to read all the matter with very little content related to certification.
Rajani, You have hardly given any details about the exam itself...
By the way don't be so exited about getting 100 % in GC. I know there is hardly one question on GC.
20 years ago
Score of 71 % is not a great score...
You just managed to scrape through.
By the way, why are you mentioning names of your Java Teachers in this forum ? We are not interested in such unnecessary details.
20 years ago
Passing with 67 % is no great deal.
20 years ago
Kaushik and other Ranchers,
I know u guys are angry, but I don't care.

The Point I want to stress is that one should never pass SCJP (or for that matter any exam) by mugging ANYTHING. And if u pass the exam by mugging, you should not post your so called achievement here since it gives a wrong signal to other aspirants like me.
Even for IO and Thread constructors, the best way is to try out all constructors yourself rather than mugging them. Kaushik, tell me, how many constructors of IO do you remember as of today ?
In real life, mugging helps only those who act in a stage play, not those who want to be good programmers.
I still maintain that those people who fail SCJP in spite of dedicated hard work have a better reason to be proud of themselves than those people like Kaushik who pass by aide of their good (sic) memory.
I hope we shall have no further posts from the people because of whom the SCJP certification gains by quantity and not by quality.
20 years ago