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Recent posts by marilyn murphy

I am currently supporting a java application that uses hibernate. I have not used hibernate before. My task is to update the datasources to use new urls. I thought it would be pretty easy.... just search the app for the existing urls (10.*.*.*) and replace with the new urls (146.*.*.*) in the xml files, but it isn't working.

I change this xml, rebuild using ant and deploy to Tomcat.
Everything seems to work fine at first ...

There are two issues with this error
#1 it is trying to open a connection to a 10. address that I commented out
#2 It is using the wrong path to cacerts

I feel that if I resolve the first issue, the second one will also be resolved. But why is it trying to open a connection to an IP that has been commented out? I've searched the code multiple times for any reference to the 10. ips and they have all been commented out
I have done a clean build
I have deleted the war file and the expanded folder that Tomcat created when it deployed the war file and replaced it
I have searched inside the war file for the 10. IP (I found none that were not commented out). (I searched all the files, not just the xml files using Eclipse and also on the command line)

What could I be missing?
(I realize that the sslTrustStoreLocation is not in Tomcat, but it's working this way in production currently, so that is not the issue)

1 year ago

Robert D. Smith wrote:Anyway, I just finished the second lesson, Even Or Odd. I see on the assignment page that the instructor solution was 22 lines. My attempt is 19 lines, including two blank and one comment (that is totally irrelevant). I then added exception handling, which extended the program to 32 lines (I was rather verbose).

Don't worry too much about the number of lines. They are just guidelines. In this case, I would guess that your first 22 line solution is closer to the instructor's solution than the 32 line one.
8 years ago
Is your question about how to write code or about how to use BlueJ?
16 years ago
I ran into the same problem when trying to use javap on a class in the JDK source code.
18 years ago
The way to create an array of doubles is:

double[] nameOfArray = new double[sizeOfArray];

Why do you need a function?
19 years ago
The state of an object typically contains
references to other objects.

However a primitive cannot contain anything but the primitive value of that type. It cannot contain references to another primitive.
19 years ago
Primitive values do not share state with other primitive values.jls 4.2
Don't feel bad, it's not an easy statement for a native English speaker either.
19 years ago
You have access to the machine that serves up the applet, right? Is it on the same machine that has the database?
19 years ago
I have been continuously employed as a developer and project manager for the last 10 years.

My .sig is meant to express my disdain for folks who write books and teach classes, but never actually build anything that is in use in the real world. I have found that the world is full of such people.

Your site certainly has a fairly academic feel to it.

I'm sorry that your world is full of such people. Are you assuming that the world of JavaRanch is also full of such people, i.e. authors and teachers who have never actually built anything that is in use in the real world?

Do you actually know anything of the background of any of the people who post here or of the owner?

... assuming that you might make your living off of running this site.

Is this site broke because of the .com economy or because you all never intended for it to make any money?

Is the site broke? Is the owner making a living off of this site? Is there nothing between these two extremes?
19 years ago
In this sentence, "If the compile-time declaration has the private modifier, then the invocation mode is nonvirtual", what does nonvirtual mean?

The Java virtual machine specification defines an abstract rather than a real "machine" (or processor). So does that mean that a private (non-virtual) method is real rather than abstract?

Another definition I found, "In general, virtual means the quality of effecting something without actually being that something." doesn't really seem to apply either. "Non-virtual" would be the quality of making something happen by being that something.
Is there any way to import the default package?
20 years ago
I thought if I put it in the default package I would not have to import it.
20 years ago
There is no SubclassX. SuperclassX is public.
20 years ago
Every time I think I understand this, I find again that I don't. and are both in C:\Java. No problem compiling, however won't compile.
C:\Java\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class SuperclassX
location: class packageY.SubclassY
public class SubclassY extends SuperclassX
I have directory C:\Java\packageY and my classpath includes it. I've tried C:\Java\javac
I've tried C:\Java\packageY\javac

Well, I won't tell you what all I tried, but nothing works. What am I doing wrong?
20 years ago
I can't understand how anyone can see all the complexity in the world today and think that, "It just happened all by itself". Even the human body is so complex, it is amazing scientists every day.
20 years ago