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White short-sleeve dress shirt, black polyester pants, narrow black belt, narrow black tie, black shoes, and for that spot of color, navy blue socks. Accent with a flat-top hair style, black horn-rimmed glasses, and a Timex watch. If possible, drive a Chevrolet convertible.

And have your wife shoot you, going to work in your Chevy, with an 8 mm(Super 8) Kodak.
13 years ago

Originally posted by Venkatesh Sai:
Deep Narsay are you a movie director

I am just a programmer next door who likes multithreading.
14 years ago
Scene 1:
Camera at crash site:

A man and his son are in a car accident.
The father dies on the scene.

Scene 2:
Camera running with the ambulance.

but the child is rushed to the hospital.

Scene 3: (It is a split screen scene)

Camera#1 is on the main entrance of the hostpital, showing the boy being brought inside,

When he arrives,

Camera#2 is in the operation room,
with another boy lying on the stretcher,

surgeon says, "I can't operate on this boy, he is my son! "
14 years ago
Did you try this?

On you desktop:

Right Click->New->Shortcut

Put location as "";

And instead of opening the browser, open this shortcut.
14 years ago
Check if any of the following gives you some valid path.


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14 years ago


Yes, they are language names.
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14 years ago

(Not me !!! )
14 years ago
There are still some channels worth watching.

The Science Channel

National Geographic
14 years ago

[ This thread is going to stay around for a while ]
14 years ago
To answer IP calls means you need to implement one of the VOIP protocols
(e.g SIP or H323) on your answering side.

Also, VOIP call will work only if the source of that call is a VOIP URL.

To map the Phone (PSTN) calls to IP address, you need VOIP gateway
(e.g Cisco, Quintum, Sonus, Paraxip).

Or you can just terminate the phone calls to your computer using PCI Telephony cards like Intel / Dialogic.

But in either case, you will need some sofisticated software like VXML browser that lets you hook the incoming call with database, file system, web apps etc.
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14 years ago
If all Mafia "Khan"daans financed, acted, directed movies fall in to this category,
I have seen 1000s of worst Hindi movies.
14 years ago