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Recent posts by atalluri

Larman has given a very good practical example for Using the Composite pattern in his example of building NextGen POS System.
He used the Composite pattern for applying single/composite of pricing stratagies for giving reduction in price of the goods we buy from a store like WALMART. Some how I feel the Larman's application of patterns using one practical example convinient and easy to remember than using Design Patterns by Gamma, which is a Dictionary of Patterns with out having the proper strategy for looking for patterns (of course with experience one can, but then no need of reading of a book)
You can look for about Composite Patterns in Page 358 of Larman's book on Applying UML and Patterns.
Hope this helps.
Ashok Talluri
I suggest you keep cool and study the books and don't keep the exam in mind and then you are done.
To be more specific, I think we should use Activity Diagrams to model multiple threads.
Thanks Sandeep and Paul.
Looks like what you said is right.I had the broad coverage and different authors viewpoints and illutrations but seriouly lacking in grasping the critical points to the heart so that it would take less time in the actual exam to answer the question. Adds to that I don't have the experience with UML earlier.In my current project I was given the task of implementing the system from Ration Rose file consisiting of usecase view and Analysis view of the system.Then only I started reading all these books to help me understand how those views of the system have been developed.
Any way I have you and the Larman in hand, hope to succeed this time.
Thanks and Regards
Ashok Talluri
Sun Certified Java2 Programmer
IBM Certified in Enterprise Connectivity with J2EE
IBM Certified Developer in XML and Related Technologies.

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I started my learning cycle in November 2000. Started with Grady Booch's OOAD book then UML User Guide by Amigos then Unified Developement Process by amigos then Design Patterns by Gamma and Refacoring by Fowler. I took the exam last week and got only 58%.I thought i did a cool study of the concepts with little practice.I have not taken the mock exams.Took the exam with a fresh mind and with out any bias. Iam not aware of this site and did not studied Larman and Flower. Looks like these two books are IBM definitons for the process and must read for the exam. I wasted lot of time reading volumes and ultimately No pass. why IBM is so biased on these books.You guys are doing a good work by hosting this forum and I hope with your help and going through Larman's book and I hope i could achieve it this month.