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Recent posts by Mahi Mohana

Thanks Ravi.. Let you guys know tommorrow
Thanks everyone, yes Ravi its a good link to review..

But I am running short of time to go through that as tommorow is my exam date for SCJP 065.


Thanks Henry... for the explanation. It is clear for this example.

I need to practice overloaded methods with var-args primitives and Wrappers


13 years ago

Well, thanks for the reason why a LinkedList is slower than ArrayList. Yes, I remember LinkedList has a slower iteration than ArrayList according to K&B.

Then it must be a mistake in that examlab explanation.

I just want to make sure before I go for exam.

Q10 of 72

We need to select 4 true options among 6-7 options on LinkedList. In which the following is one. I selected this one as Vector is syncronized and so LinkedList is more faster than Vector

option : LinkedList provides a fast iteration speed, than [b]Vector [/b]#1

In the above option if it is a [b]ArrayList [/b]instead of [b]Vector[/b], I would not have selected --> LinkedList provides a fast iteration speed than [b]ArrayList[/b]
because According to K&B, it says LinkedList may iterate more slowly than an ArrayList, but it's a good choice when you need fast insertion and deletion.

In his explanation, he said LinkedList has the faster iteration speed than other List classes. as below.

LinkedList is an ordered, unsorted List.
It also implements the Queue interface.
LinkedList has the faster iteration speed than othr List classes, because it has // is it a mistake??? or am I missing something
a doubled-link, and methods of LL is not synchronized(thread-unsafed)

What is right now?

Hi Henry,

Is there any forum for SCJP faqs. I mean where people preparing for SCJP can discuss the questions. If so Can you move this topic to there? Because I expect faster reply from them as they must be in the same wave length.

I am new here and I will take care to post the topics in the related forums.

13 years ago

I found this faq on

In this topic, there is statement saying--> If it's not possible to identify a most-specific method from among the applicable methods, then the invocation is considered "ambiguous" and results in a compile-time error.

Can anyone explain this with example, I mean in the above topic, by passing what argument can make that [b]method(whatevr) [/b] ambiguous to the compiler.

I always confuse when there is a overloaded primitive of same type and Wrapper of same type and var-args. Also, can anyone give few rules I need to check before answering that kind of question which can result in compilation error or no compilation error.

Thanks and Regards,
13 years ago
Hi Shahrier Rishan,

Here are the links posted by someone a month ago and I downloaded from there. Please check whether you can download that book or not.

If you cannot download let me know. I will try to upload the book I have. But I am not good at uploading part, I may get delay.

13 years ago
Hi Shahrier Rishan,

Hey now there is no SCJP 1.4 exam. I mean Sun is not conducting this exam any more. So you have to take SCJP 1.5 or ScJP 1.6 if you like..

There is not much difference between 1.5 and 1.6. So you can directly go for 1.6.

But 1.5 has more important concepts than the 1.4. So you need to have 1.5 book to update yourself for the exam..

I will post here the link for SCJP 1.5 book by K&B if you can wait... my internet is not good .. thats the reason I may get delay

Also browse this ranch forum. the difference between 1.4 and 1.5 and 1.5 and 1.6.

13 years ago
Thanks Devaka, for your time to explain me the reason.

Yes, I agree with your reasoning. I was complaining may be I was upset for losing points on questions I know but for not scanning the questions properly.

Hi Devaka... good to see your reply. I did not expect that you are one of the member in this forum. Great job and no words to describe for the effort you have taken to prepare this kind of wonderful kit. Thanks a ton for free download..

I have a question, when I was doing questions at the end of K&B book on if esle condition.. There was a question like
if {some code}
else {some code}
else{some code} --- I solved the code and when I checked the answer, mine was wrong and it is a compilation error because there is a missing [b]if[/b] after second else..

I know that if- else if- else. That made me to think.. ok I have to very careful about syntax..

Second time, when I was doing SCJP 5 mock Master exam.. there was a question with multiple choices like What methods each I/O classes support.. or what parameters it accepts (This is not the exact question, I am just retyping what I remember)
Eg :choice 1 has a method name createFile().
choice 2: accepts File as its argument..
choice 4: has a method called readLine()
choice 5:[b]b[/b]ufferReader accepts FileReader as it argument.

So, we have to choose which are true, when I saw choice 5.. I got stuck, I know it is true but the class bufferedReader starting with b instead of B.. So this time, I was under the assumption that they want to test whether APi Class name start with small/Cap letters. So I did not select it, but my answer was wrong as choice 5 is
true and it is a printing mistake.

Third time, when I was doing the examlab Diagnostic test,.. I did not remember the code.. There is a question
class A{}
class B extends [b]class[/b] A { some code and logic}

I have seen that.. but hard to guess whether it is a printing mistake?? or is it testing how to declare when a class is sub-classed??

My question is why Sun want to test such questions??? If the question is more specific to how to declare a if-else if -else condition or how to sub-class a class or how to declare the class thats implementing an interface?? Then, It is good to test with different syntax... choices and to choose among them..

But If such syntax is mixed with some serious code.. it is more like testing how well your eyes are scanning throughout the code??

Also, a serious test- taker does not know how to declare a if -else or a class declaration ?? ..

I guess I making you read such a big question of mine ..

Once again, your work is so good, I will take time to announce everywhere and to everyone I know....


Thanks Abhi Vijay.. Its really good.

I downloaded it and I did the one diagnostic as of now. I got only 52%. I need to speed up my practice. Thanks a lot again

Can I get the link to download this examlab? Is that free? meanwhile I try to find out about this on google.. but kindly reply
ok, Got it Thanks
Hi Treimin, ok now I updated my name. Can you tell me what is that title displaying under every person's name.. say for me "bartender"?? Just curious to know.. Thanks