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Recent posts by Kevin Florish

Hi Kishori Sharan & Adam L Davis and congratulations on your new book "Beginning Java 17 Fundamentals".

My company have just moved to Java 17, is there anything in the book helpful to experienced Java Programmers moving to Java 17?

Good luck with the book!
2 years ago

I have sent my information to

Information was sent on 18/12/2021 and haven't received a reply.

Thanks Kevin.
2 years ago
Best of luck with the book Ted.

I use IntelliJ in work but having moved from Eclipse I often have to google things like changing a theme.

Does your book cater for IntelliJ users like me or is it purely for beginners.

Thanks Kevin.
2 years ago
I see you have also written a similar book for Java 8.. I haven't taken a certification since Java 5 and feel its time to update.

I have experience of Java 8 but not Java 11, should I use your Java 8 book and do the Java 8 certification first or just go for the Java 11 exam?

Best of luck with the book

Thanks Kevin.
I have worked on various parts of the Spring framework over the years.

Does the book offer anything for experienced Spring programmers or is it at an introductory level.

Best of luck with the book )

3 years ago
Hi Cay,

Good luck with the book.

I have limited experience with modern JavaScript and not really worked with it for many years.

Does the book fill in the gaps from say ES6 onwards or would I need to get more up to date with JavaScript before reading this book?

Thanks Kevin.

Hi Jeanne and Scott.

I was wondering if there were major differences between the SE8 and SE11 exams?
Hi Cay good luck with the book.

In work the decision has been made to move from Java6 to Java8.

My question is does your book highlight in which java version new editions to the java language were made.

Regards Kevin.
8 years ago
Well I would like to see a book where a non-trivial case study is done that actually works.

A lot of books I heave read either lack a project of any substance, have incomplete projects or contain projects that simply don't work, so it would be nice yes
Is there a case study that accompanies the book so we can see a complete project in action?

Thanks Kevin.
Hi Sam thanks for the reply and glad to hear the book will benefit me.

In answer to your question, being a stay at home dad has been very rewarding and also the hardest challenge I am ever likely to face in my career

Cheers Kevin.
9 years ago
Hi and good luck with the book.

Hi, having been a Stay At Home Dad for several years I am now looking to get back into Java programming and also polish my interview technique.

Is this book suitable for that or is it just aimed at people currently in employment.

Thanks Kevin.
9 years ago