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Recent posts by Swastik Dey

What does response and sol contain?
1 day ago
You need to add a new line character

As a separate note instead of adding to string StringBuilder will be a better option, if you are aware of this.
3 days ago
You don't seem to have initialized glu.
You seem to have some issues with path setting, as a second option you can specify the complete path in processbuilder itself

1 week ago
If you run curl from command prompt not from this location C: \curl-7.62.0-win64-mingw\bin, I mean from any other location for e.g. c:\ does it work?
1 week ago
If you run it from command prompt does it run from any directory (location)?  Probably you can specify the path.
1 week ago
So the path seems to be ok, provided you are not running from the directory where it has been installed, and while running from process builder it shows the same error?
1 week ago
Same error?  Can you run it from command prompt?
1 week ago
First write your logic in a plain piece of paper.  Do a dry run of the same and see if you are getting the desired output.  Java is just a language based on what you have to implement that logic.
1 week ago
Is curl present on system path, i.e is it present in path variable?
1 week ago
Can you elaborate little more on your exact requirement?
2 weeks ago