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Recent posts by J radolf

i want to call this web service using j2me?

can anyone tell me which API can i use for this?
11 years ago
Hi guys

where do i start from?

i mean there may be several programming languages used for this?

can anyone tell me "HELLO WORLD" type of example or links related to this?

it will be helfull for my career.

11 years ago
Am so sorry for that sir..

you can delete this post then.. but private message the answer to me.. if iy is possible
i prepared for kathy & bert book and i took 4 months for preapration

lot of practice tests too
i attended the exam this morning and could not answer this

so this is a real exam question
i think its possible to throw all right?
is it valid to write try catch block within a junit testmethod?
11 years ago
is it enough if we write so much how can we test it. when am trying to run the junit . it is giving me error like no junits found in eclipse.
11 years ago
suppose in my original code am reading a properties file

and now suppose in my testclass am doing

i copied it from somewhere else. please can anyone explain what is happening in assertNotNull(valueProp) line?
can anyone explain the meaning?
11 years ago
we should accept the fact WINDOWS is the leader of Operating system world.

like we can say it is very user friendly.

so it's better if we accept the fact.
11 years ago
Hi guys and girls.

am suffering from a strange problem the software company am working in never tells the requirements properly but still tells me to code something without telling the requirements properly.

can you share your experiences in your workplace if you dont mind??

please dont delete this topic.

because after working for seven months in this company am feeling demotivated.
11 years ago
its good. but in field of operating system in my opinion micorsoft rocks.

11 years ago