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The split() method uses substring method of String class.Therefore,for a1a2a34a567aaa89 the tokens generated will be:

a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(0,0) - ""
a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(1,2) - 1
a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(3,4) - 2
a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(5,7) - 34
a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(8,11) - 567
a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(12,12) - ""
a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(13,13) - ""
a1a2a34a567aaa89.substring(14,16) - 89

This throw clause in the static initializer block will always restrict the execution of class.It will always throw an exception.
and in instance initializer block it will always restrict the object construction.

If you write this statement in any conditional block then it will compile but that condition must not always be true.
Again there are ifs and buts in this, depending on checked and unchecked exception.
Head First EJB is for EJB 2.0 and the exam CX 310-090 has already expired.
I am preparing for SCBCD 5.0 from EJB 3 in action and Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 and in my perspective the action book is good one for beginners and for detail study go for Orielly book.