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Recent posts by Raju, Gentle

Hello Experts,
I am working on an assignment that requires me to display the results from a database on the browser. At any time I can show only 10 rows. If the results is more than 10 I should display it in the second screen with some time gap between first and the second. I think JSP will create only one page and displays all the info. in one screen. How do I get this working to show in more than one screen ? Answer is appriciated.
18 years ago
I think it is fine to proceed the way you are preceding. The reason I do not see anything like [b]"Origin='SFO', Destination='Bom'"[b] in the requirement, at least the one that I a have received.
Regarding the GUI layout, I am stuck with the event handling.
In brief I have created an Input Panel and this will consists of all the combo boxes and Search button. Also I have table and table model. Latter I will have to place these two together. The problem here is how to write an event handling for these two. I know MVC approach will help me in getting good marks as well as opportunity to learn MVC. So I am rather working to come up with model (s), views, Controller. But so far not successful. I will read your post in detail latter and post my questions or queries latter.

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I think you are ok if you have provided flight number, origin and destination airports, carrier and day. Even though it is possible to include other fields, they may not be really important for the customer to decide in the initial selection. They may become important once a set of results are returned based on the initial fields that you have considered.
Well it is possible to write cascading selection boxes, I do not know whether this is important in the requirements. So I would not implement it however.

Congrats !
Can you outline your GUI design and approach ?
Can you briefly explain how you are implementing your UI ?
Well Prathiba,
In short it looks fine. However some suggestions if you will consider. The origin city and destinatin city can be created as constants in the class and be used them in the creation of String.
One question : How are you passing this String to criteriaFind method ?
Hello Singh,
Did you implement MVC pattren for the UI. If so how did you implement ? Can you explain a little bit here.
I am in confusion to implement MVC pattren for GUI.
I have a panel (inputpanel) which takes input for the
flight information and creates the criteria and calls criteriaFind to get the results. These results are
displayed in the table. Table is set for single selection
only and any row selected here will show up in booking
panel either in the form of table or any other form
( I am yet to decide here ). There is button on bookingpanel
and an input field to enter the number of seats to enter.
Button click will call bookFlight on the Client.

Here the the FBNClient and the these classes (panles and tables) are tightly integrated for calls criteriaFind and bookFlight calls. To implement MVC model here I have decided that inputpanel is the contorller and table is the view. I am really confused here as to what should the model be ? If I create a separate class for model, how do I integrate FBNClient & this model ? Or should I make model as member of FBNClinet ?
Your comments are appreciated.

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[This message has been edited by Raju, Gentle (edited October 04, 2001).]
I have read some where that in good olden day the assignment required usage of this constructor. I guess the present assignment can be done with out the usae of this. So I would not bother about it and I would leave as it is
Hi can some one tell how do I start working on GUI ? Can somebody explain the GUI archetecture here? I have the tentative layout of the GUI component. I have four panels. Panel1 consists of input details such as origin, destination, flight no, carrier etc. Panel2 consists of JTable to show the results after the Query button in panel1 is clicked. JTable will be in Single selection mode. A row selected in JTable is displayed in panel3(booking panel). Basically this will contain only one row. This panel also consists of provision to enter the no of seats to be reserverved. The fourth panlel will simply displays the status of any operation.
I am able to develop input panel separatly. However I am stuck with the JTable. Do I need to develop TableModel and then implement ? Or a Simple Table would be sufficient ?. Also How do I write an event model that If I press Query it should update ther Table with the data from Database. Clicking on Book button shoud make a call to database and then update the JTable. So Can some body throw their ideas on the archetecture of the GUI here ?
Hi mitchner,
Yes I agree with you mitchner. It it better to wait for all other threads to call unlock and then grant the whole database
lock. However there are some problems with this approach. The database lock will not be applied if there are clients continuously calling bookflight. It will have to wait for no one to be present. This may take a longer time for database lock to be applied. But on the other hand this may be ok because the whole database lock will be applied only for maint.
Hi Peter,
Thanks for pointing the mistakes in the code. You said not to put this code in Data ? I think the requirement is to implement lock and unlock in Data class. Am I missing some thing here ?
Please let me know if there is a better approach than this. You also said that ClientId is must. But some where here I have read it is not must. Comments Please ?
Hi Peter thanks !
So it is not a must to implement unlock(-1) ?
Hi Good to know that some one there thinks the same way.
What is the advantage of having abstract class here and where do you place this abstract class ?
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Hi Peter Again thanks for reply.
Is it not required to implement code for unlock(-1) ?