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Recent posts by Anam Zahra

I tried a lot but unable to find a way to get the solution.
5 years ago
I have an applet. I am drawing lines on it. The code of my applet is as follows:

I want to make the ending X and Y coordinates of each line as starting X and Y coordinates of the next line. In this way I would be able to draw a continuous line on applet. I am stuck on this issue. Somebody can help me to resolve it. Thanks
5 years ago
Ok. May be I cannot explain my problem. I am trying to resolve this issue. Then I will let you know.
5 years ago
We set the parameters in this way

And get the value in applet like this

But I am unable to find any parameter for such type of configuration. May be somebody can help me.
5 years ago
This applet is working fine on my machine. May be you are not saving this file with SimpleApplet name. So class not found exception is coming.
5 years ago
Hi, I have an applet. Its size is about 2000 x 1500 and embedded in a JSP page. When I call it in browser, horizontal and vertical scroll bars appear. It always starts from top left corner and then I go to my desired place inside the applet. I want to open it with my preferred location. May be from center or from right side. I am not talking about the applet alignment. I am talking about specific location inside the applet. Is it possible? If yes then please guide me how I can achieve? I googled it but did not find the answer. Thanks
5 years ago
Hi my dear fellow!!!
I am making a plot in my mind for resolving a situation. Suppose, I have a web form with a field Department. I want to add Sub Departments(unknown number) of one Department and then further Sub Sub Departments(unknown number) of one Sub Department. How I will make a form and how I will add this data in attached database. I have one solution:
One Department field with a button to add any sub department if any. By clicking on button, a new row will be generated with another text field and new button. In this way, it will go on. Tree like structure.
But I have another solution, JSF Tree to add or delete entries on the run time. But the problem is that I am unable to find any example of JSF tree like structure populated from database and in which we can add or delete entries on run time and on the same time these entries may also be stored in database.
Can you please give me right direction so that I can choose the professional approach for resolving this situation.
5 years ago
Hi everybody
I am facing a situation in which I have to print those values which have not chosen by the user. For example

Out put of this code is
In if condition I have mentioned 5,6 and 7 so these are not printing. But if I get these values from database like

Now suppose id now contains 5,6 and 7 and I want to print other values may be from 1 to 100. Then how I will handle all these things in one program.
Actually I want to show only those values which have not chosen by the user. Please help me in this regard. Thanks.
7 years ago
Ok I make my query clear.I have one JSP page say admin.jsp on which a hyperlink is available to get another check.jsp page which access the servlet. Servlet is used to retrieve the image from database.
admin.jsp code is something like that

<a href="files/check.jsp?value=MyImage">
check.jsp code is like that

String C=request.getParameter("value");

<form method="post" action="/servlet/DBImage?paramtr=\'"+C+"\'">
--------------------------------------------------- code

String C=request.getParameter("paramtr");
When I click on hyperlink in admin.jsp to get check.jsp page. Then String C in servlet shows null.
8 years ago
I want to pass value from hyperlink to the servlet. But servlet is unable to recieve the value. Code in servlet is something like that
---------servlet code---------

Jsp page code is something like that
<a href="files/check.jsp?value=MyName">Image</a>

Here check.jsp file calling the servlet which shows some other information with image

I dont know why the servlet is unable to recieve the value? But when I pass value through session then servlet receive the value. However I cannot set the session for each hyperlink. If I am doing something wrong then please correct me.
8 years ago
Hi... I have a servlet that is getting an image from the database. After getting image I want to display it in a JSP page. But web page is not displaying the image. Servlet is working fine in my opinion, because when I run the servlet it shows me dialog box to save the image and I am able to save the image successfully. Please help me asap. Thanxs
............This is the servlet............

This is img tag by which I am trying to display the image

<img src="/Servlet/DBImage" alt="My image" height="200px" width="200px">
8 years ago