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Recent posts by salvin francis

Carey Brown wrote:....It's best to create it as a class constant and share that constant among all of your other code.

I haven't used Scanner for a while now, but as far as I remember, it is not thread safe. Is it good to use it as a class constant ?
2 days ago
I would strongly suggest not starting with GUI code if you are learning java. If you are unclear about compilation issues, maybe you can start with small basic CUI programs instead.
2 days ago

Kevin O'Sullivan wrote:I saw that and fixed it,I was trying something else before I posted here and left that extra bracket in by mistake.

I am glad that you realized that.

Now let's look at your program as a standalone code ...

As you rightly stated, your code works fine for 'Barry' and does not quit for 'Kevin'. Isn't that pointing to the direction that you are doing something special for 'Kevin' that's missing for 'Barry' ?

Let me point out the lines of code:

Both if and else conditions are calling a method: println() and getName() ... Can you spot the difference ?
2 days ago

Steven Trippier wrote:
What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were starting out?

Honestly, nothing pops out to my mind from software point of view.

Steven Trippier wrote:
If you have a junior developer working with you, what do you wish they were better at?

I prefer a programmer who loves programming vs one who looks at it as a mere task
2 days ago
Sorry to nitpick, Just wanted to point out :
2 days ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:There are lots of companies that pretend to do Scrum, but are using it as a weapon.

Very powerful words. I stand by this !
2 days ago
My colleague suggested that if you are okay to modify the original map, here's a solution that changes the first map:
2 weeks ago
I did this :

2 weeks ago
I don't see a "J" symbol on top of the project icon. Is this a java project ?
2 weeks ago
India has the second largest number of languages (780) in the world
North Indians and South Indians have a completely different and distinguishable accents due to the variety of languages spoken.
Even with the same language, there are several dialects.

Despite all this .. we strive to have a neutral accent
2 weeks ago
I see a lot of hard coding in the above program. If you want to add another command it will be a code change. Is it possible for you to use a json config file :

In this way, if you want to add more commands, you simply have to add more configs to your json file without doing any code changes.
The only issue is that java does not have a json parser internally, so, you'll have to use a third party jar..
Alternatively, you can store the above changes in xml. There are internal libraries in java with xml support.

2 weeks ago
I have a simpler solution, that does not use anonymous class. I would prefer this over reflection :

3 weeks ago
Assuming that itemChild.getItdsc() returns a list, why cant you just check each item against another list ?

4 weeks ago
Thats a cool idea indeed. The most advanced pot in the world.

I am imagining 3-4 robots aggressively fighting for a patch of sunlight and pushing each other out of the way 
4 weeks ago
Primary uses (Can't live without)
1. Whatsapp (Has superseded my phone calls. I barely call folks now.)
2. Alarm (I am using the same alarm since 12+ years)
3. Phone

Secondary :
1. Maps (To check open/close timings, wait times at gas stations, etc.)
2. Email
3. Image Editing (Switched from pixlr to snapSeed)
4. Social media (FB only)

1 month ago