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salvin francis

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Recent posts by salvin francis

With the success of our HowToAskQuestionsOnJavaRanch page, I thought it would make sense to have a similar page about answering them. Answering questions effectively on JavaRanch is an art form all its own. Here we can collectively write down the best practices that make JavaRanch such a great place to bring your questions!

  • AdmitWhenYouAreGuessing
  • BeNice
  • BePatient
  • DejaVuAllOverAgain
  • DontBeACodeMill
  • DontWakeTheZombies
  • FirstRuleDoNoHarm
  • LetThemDoTheirOwnHomework
  • QuoteYourSources
  • ReadTheAnswers
  • ReadTheQuestion

  • 1 day ago
    When asking or answering a question using content that is not your own, please quote your sources. Quoting your sources means that you mention where you got the question from: for example the title and authors of a book, the name of a mock exam, address of a website where you got the question from etc.

    This is especially important in the certification forum, for the posting of mock questions. This is needed for several reasons:

  • It is polite and professional to do so. Giving attribution is an important habit, and the author of the source would appreciate it.

  • For mocks, it will help people find the mock exam. For other cases, it will provide people with a source of information. In either case, it will help put your question in context.

  • It helps you if other people can check that you have interpreted the question (or the information) in the same way as the author intended.

  • Note: Do not post questions that you got on the actual exam. Those questions are copyrighted and you are not allowed to republish them. See: Position on Real Questions
    Do not post content from other websites without referencing the original source.

    1 day ago

    Surekha Gaikwad wrote:...I tried to implement in java but its not working as expected...

    You forgot to share your code, Please share your code so that we can help you fix it
    1 day ago
    The code you posted does not compile, you're missing a semicolon in line 5, you have an if statement that does nothing in line 26 and you havent declared variables s, s1, a
    Can you fix these issues and repost your code? Also let us know what is the problem you are facing, you just mentioned the problem statement and not the issue you are facing
    1 day ago
    hi, Welcome to code ranch, please use the code tags when posting code, I have fixed it for you in this post.
    1 day ago

    Hemendra Singh Tnh wrote:You need to collect the second stream ...

    Welcome to coderanch, I fail to see how the streams code you pasted has any context in our current discussion about splitting a mac address based on ":". Please also ensure that you quote your sources when copy-pasting content from other websites.
    1 day ago
    maybe something like this:
    2 days ago
    Hi dan, welcome to code ranch, I hope you realize that you responded to a thread that's 14 year old. I am not sure if all the original posters are still active on code ranch.
    6 days ago

    James Erickson wrote:...Now, cInvoker is originally declared outside the method.

    Can you elaborate what "outside" means in this context ? Share your code.

    James Erickson wrote:
    I'm then trying to reference the instantiated object inside a 2nd method, but I'm finding that cInvoker is null. I think it must be getting deleted once it goes out of scope or something?

    If the object is the same, I don't think it should be null.

    Here's a short code that changes the value of a variable across method calls:

    1 week ago
    Recursively, my mind thinks in the following way :
    1 week ago

    Ken Matson wrote:... It's like - you ask how to put gas in your lawnmower, and everyone starts telling you you've got the wrong kind of yard, and do you really need a lawnmower, and why is your lawnmower red and not green, etc. etc. etc....

    You've got 3 responses to your post, each with some good bit of information. I suggest reading them well. SVH has pointed out what the compiler is protecting you against and CR has pointed out all the important bits that will make your program better.
    2 weeks ago
    Hi Op, welcome to code ranch. It is our duty to point out bad code when we see it. You gui may do wonders, but if it's internally a mess, you're inevitably doomed. Bad code always comes back to haunt you. Or even worse, it would haunt the next person trying to work on your code.

    For a good java programmer, a user interface is simply a "shell" or an outer layer of sorts. The 'core' code should allow you to do precisely what the problem states: Fetch a list of information, Fetch "Rover's" info, Do some age math, etc... without a UI.
    2 weeks ago
    Welcome to Coderach, I hope you find answers to all your queries here !
    I suggest you answer what Paul asked here:

    Paul Clapham wrote:...So what do you have so far and what are you stuck on?

    I suggest that you can first read our own site links:
    ShowSomeEffort <-- It's a link
    NotACodeMill <-- It's a link
    HowToAskQuestions<-- It's a link

    Let me give you some code to start with :
    2 weeks ago