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Recent posts by salvin francis

Ujwwala tembe wrote:Thought of will it be like python will read it then store that and then java will again parse it for further computations

I am a bit confused, why would you want an excel file to be parsed twice ? I hope there is a very strong reason for the same.
11 hours ago
Let me quote Dr. Henry Wu:

Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We’re just used to being the cat.

Similarly, Expert is a relative term. To a junior developer, a 10 year experienced guy is an Expert.

(The above quote is from jurassic world.)
14 hours ago

Ujwwala tembe wrote:I am not getting where java will come into picture as python will do read and write excel

I don't know much about python, but, whats stopping you from using python as opposed to java ? Have you been instructed to specifically use java ?
If I would take a guess, maybe the location where the excel data is needed to be read is within the java code.

The standard java API does not support reading excel files out of the box.
However, as Prasad Saya suggested above, there is a free library that allows you to read excel files. To, do this, you would require to have basic to intermediate knowledge about java before you dive into using third-party libraries.
2 days ago
I made up this one :

Whats my favorite slogan?
"Make love not and war (and jar)"
1 week ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:It makes your API really unwieldy to use. Passing null into methods should be the exception rather than the norm, and you're forcing the client of your method to keep wrapping their arguments in a call to Optional.of(), just for the sake of making your method implementation more fun to write.

I agree over the wrapping point. While I see Optional as a good candidate for code that's present within the lines of a method, I am starting to realize that outside the scope of a method, it may not be a good thing to do.

Let me summarize for others reading this thread (Open to discussion):
Good usages:
  • within method scope
  • as a method return parameter

  • Bad usages:
  • as a field member
  • as a method input parameter

  • Let me know if you the above list can be improved. +cows for you all !

    1 week ago

    Stephan van Hulst wrote:Optional is not meant for method parameters.

    Interesting, I haven't passed optional as a method parameter in my code yet. But, I wonder why one should not do that. Let's fork this into a separate thread if the answer is complicated so that OP is not affected.
    1 week ago
    As a side note, Optional is very addicting. I have effectively stopped writing null checks. It makes the code more readable.
    The variable should be initialized with Optional.empty();
    1 week ago
    I confess I do not have much knowledge about Spring, but, does setting a skip-limit resolve your issue ?
    Here's documentation for this:
    1 week ago
    Congratulations to All Winners.. I am so jealous !
    1 week ago
    Welcome Josh,
    I am a big fan of Effective java. I had read your book a few years ago and let's just say it changed my life !
    2 weeks ago
    Quick question, why do you need to implement a sorting algorithm ? java provides you with a sort implementation already leaving you only the option of specifying what should be the output of a comparision.

    I don't wish to deter you from doing so, but the last algorithm we wrote was the shell sort in 1959. Since then, there hasn't been much advance in that field (I hope I am not wrong here )
    2 weeks ago
    Thank you for the "Saloon Keeper" promotion
    2 weeks ago
    Congrats, keep up the good work.

    Just contemplate on the number of hours you have saved for the all programmers who have asked for guidance and were shown the right path because of your suggestions/solutions/guidance.

    3 weeks ago