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Recent posts by Khanh Nguyen

I want to listen to activities that are occuring on port 23.. i.e messages that are being sent out by a telnet emulator and information getting sent to the telnet emulator. Is there a way to do this without blocking the port, etc?
No one has published one yet. There's a list of resources, such as specs, servlet and JSP books, that can be very useful for preparing for the exam. There's also notes from people (like Mifta Khan) outlining information for each section. You can find those notes under However, you should not base all of your studying on just these notes. What I have been doing is taking those notes as a guideline and adding additional information to clarify points within these notes - sort of my own certification book.
The taglib DTD for JSP 1.2 is significantly different from JSP 1.1. For the exam, do we have to learn just the JSP 1.2 or do we need to also know the difference between 1.2 and 1.1.
The SCJP IS a prerequisite for SCWCD.
Shamaila - I got two questions for clarification purposes. So if num was not a private variable then num would not be thread safe. Or if within doGet, num is set to a different value then num would not be threadsafe also.
Just making sure I understood your explanation. This is a very tricky question.
Is there a tutorial included with the JWeb+? If there is, then I would probably buy JWeb+.
I do not work for them, but I have used them in the past for SCJP. And I have to say that it was an excellent simulator with good questions. I passed the SCJP (92%) and enthuware definitely pushed me to that score.
I used JQplus software. It is an excellent software and I passed the exam beautifully.
Hope this helps.
I passed SCJP about 3 months ago. I used the JQPlus to prepare for the exam and found that the JQPlus was harder than the actual exam. Thus, I was scoring around 80% for the JQPlus and 100% for the Marcus Green's exam but I got 92% on the actual exam. So that was my experience with the mock exams. I have never tried Jwhiz but I think it should be very similar to JQPlus.
To get over the hump... For the questions that you are getting wrong in the exam, I would copy all of the detailed explanations for the answer into Word. And then learn all the explanations and also look at any related API. In addition, note the reason why you missed the question - whether it was a careless mistake or something tricky that you missed. I had a separate Word file for all the tricky things to avoid - like uninitialized local variables etc.
That's how I prepared. Hope this helps.
There are rumors floating around that it will be live either September 10th or mid-September. Has anyone got a confirmation of the actual live date? Just wondering.
I am debating between purchasing whizlabs or enthuware. I was impressed with enthuware's JQPlus for the programmer exam. What are other people's feeling on this if they had to purchase one of the two.
Has anyone tried the testing tool? If so, do you recommend it? Are the explanations detailed enough?