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Sandeep Patel

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Recent posts by Sandeep Patel

I understood that i need a server for asterisk... please guide through how and what i need to download ??... According to me i thnk it will need a Manager API and FastAGI protocol...
I have downloaded 3 jar files of asterisk-java ... but will running them ... a pop-up screen appears saying " Failed to load main-class manifest"
on the site of asterisk . Thats quite confusing and am not getting a start. I have downloaded the stuff available on the website of Asterisk... But then what next??.. Please help me understanding this... Its urgent guys...
Please guide through, how to use Asterisk? Since i want to develop an IVR system for my company..
You might be knowing about companies (DiaLogic and Donjin). My job is to build an application and integrate with the existing working API's... so that the application can work for both companies API... Now can i use ASTERIK for building the application??
Can it developed using Java Telephony API(JTAPI) ?
If yes, then what all will be needed along with JTAPI..
My company wants me to make one in C/C++... But am more comfortable with java. Thats why is wondering that was it possible in java...
Hello folks,
I want to make an IVR system in java. Please help me to give a start. Will be gratefull to all of you helping me with this...
I have written a code in javascript to add rows to a table dynamically by clicking on to a button. I have taken values in the drop down list through database.. but it is working only for the first row.. when click on ADD row.. the event is not fired?? what is the error i am not getting that.. please help me on this...
how to link a file ( which can be any thing an Excel or a Word document) in JSP code? But in the file i want to take values from database (oracle 9i)? How should i go about?
10 years ago
how to transfer the records in one database[MS-Access] to other [Oracle]. plzz help