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Trilochan Bharadwaj

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Recent posts by Trilochan Bharadwaj

just to add pojo-type-declaration.ftl is following:

I am trying to run hbm2java using maven(ant also runs the same way)and I am able to get Pojos generated correctly, but I wanted to suffix each of my files with "Model"; I tried putting in my hibernate3 plugin component properties declaration (on POM Xml) following:

I cannot get Pojos generated to be ending with 'Model' suffix... I need some suggestions/ideas/pointers..

I want to build a SOAP/REST WS using JAX WS for pushing RSS feeds that users can subscribe to ... I need:
1.) Some architectural pointers/suggestions on best practices for doing so in Java.
2.) Some guidance on various sources / any open source frameworks that I can utilize.

7 years ago
I have two tables:


I want to write a critieria query with following association

Media.getMediaTypes( ) ( where Media types is the collection), now the problem is my hibernate mapping files generate Media Type with many-to-one relationship with media but media has no reference to media types; how do i make this go bothways, with hibernate mapping media type collection inside media table...?

What is the best and structured way to prepare; I see that we've got Do NOT do this, Do NOT do that, but there's no sticky: Here's what we have to do ... or atleast I couldn't find it. Any suggestions/advise?

Anybody? ... Would appreciate some help ...

8 years ago
My configuration (web xml):

I have an application class INewsApplication that has the resources set as: <br />

My context configurations are as defined above; they get loaded properly during deployment to JBoss. However when I run the client test case (using JAX RS libraries); which is as follows:

I get a 404; Is there anything fundamental that I might be missing?

Would appreciate anyone's help/suggestions on this ...
8 years ago
Yea especially with stuff like which makes mocking a breeze ... and whats more its native to spring, so if an application is using spring, its really helpful.
8 years ago
Replaced Concrete Implementation with Interface and also replaced and it worked fine ... Cool thanks All!

One more thing I noted since I am deploying on JBOSS; JBOSS's JNDI binding for UserTransaction are as opposed to . Once those changes were made it all went well.

Again appreciate everyone's help!
8 years ago
What do you mean code to an interface ... I am not following; does that mean, I use:

instead of using DefaultActorModelService?

Can you clarify in the snippet please?

Appreciate your help!
8 years ago
I use following class hierarchy for Service:

And refer to it in controller resource:

I simply refer to this in my spring resource config xml (for controllers and restful resource configuration) like this:

However when I package and deploy the jar on JBoss, I get following exception:

What am I missing ...? My guess is that I am doing something fundamentally wrong in the code ... Any suggestions?

Any help would appreciable ...
8 years ago

I noticed that I do have apache commons dependencies, which themselves might rely on their commons logging, I don't know if that is causing any issue; I looked up on slf4j page, it asks me to put an "slf-nop.jar' and only ONE slf4j-noop.jar (or any one from slf4j api); I am using above dependency declaration ... That should have taken care of it already, but it hasn't

I am a little lost on this one, as jars are clearly present (eclipse project shows jars), and in any case I do:

to generate war file ... that should package everything correct? I don't know what's up

8 years ago

I am trying to do:

When I do run it, I get follow stack trace on the console:

I have declared SLF4J dependency in POM however it still appears to be giving this error. When I deploy the war file it gives following exception:

Any ideas?

8 years ago

While working on an open source project, I have hit a roadblock on media clip organization and management. So I am wondering .... how do I:

1.) Store a media clip (format mp4, qt, mov, ogg, avi) to database (A sample table structure with data type may be? I am assuming it is a BLOB, but I don't know for sure.)
2.) Retrieve it using Hibernate API

Basically I dont need the "actual" code, just a rough idea, plus a little help on how to tackle BLOB or media clips with DB and Hibernate ...