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Recent posts by Hassan Ebied

Congrats champion.... let met tell you that SCWCD will be little easy than SCBCD.

Thanks for posting your trial
Hiii Ranchers....

I have just cleared SCWCD today with no such great score (only 78 %) but I am really happy because it was a big challenge for me in these days because of heavy work.

It took me around one month to prepare for the exam as I have cleared SCJP on November 23 2009.

For the exam it was little bit easier than mock exam in HFSJ 2nd edition and most of the questions was straight forward.

I had read HFSJ 2nd edition twice and tried mock exam in it also mock exam in the first edition of HFSJ.

plus the mock exams on javaranch and javaprepare .

Thanks for all the ranchers....

Now I am going to have a break for some days and then prepare for SCBCD.

8 years ago
And so for me it's right, doFilters' goal is to proceed nexts filters! no?.

doFilter method goal is not actually to proceed with next filters , its mission in life is do some certain logic before proceeding the request by the container and everything is fine then it will call doFilter on filterChain object to let the container either to to proceed with the request of the queue of filters is empty or to select the next filter from the chain to be processed.
E. A filter’s doFilter() method must call doFilter() on the input FilterChain object in order to ensure that all filters have a chance to execute.

In doFilter method you don't need to call doFilter of filterChain object if you don't want to proceed with upcoming filters in the chain.
For example if as per you filter logic there was some logical error in the data passed in the request and you want to forward or redirct to some error page rather than proceeding the request or processing the upcoming filters in the chain .

SO Option E is incorrect.

I wish I could help you .... Goood Luck
Sorry Lucas ... Will take care next time ... sorry for inconvenience
Yesterday I just cleared SCJP but with not so high score enough but I am happy enough

Can any one tell me what is the next ? SCWCD or SCBCD or the one for WebServices ?

8 years ago
Congrts ............. I am preparing for the same... I hope I could catch the exam by Mid of Jan 2010.
8 years ago
hmmm, thats fine .... I will start preparation in SCWCD asap.
Bert ,

I am sorry I missed what i want to say

Many thany thanks for you words , I really appreiate all replies and I did not meant to heart any one . I just wanted to say it in funny way,,,,

Again sorry Bert and Thanks ofcourse
But Mumtaz ,,

Externizable is an interface not a class , so it has no constructors

When I compiled this code and run it , it gave me the desired output

Bert , Are you sure that this class will not be included in the exam. I dont know , If I will face such question in the exam I will tell them that Bert told me that it is not included in the exam and no body will care about me.
Thanks Hinry for your comment
and sorry for posting question without qouting the sources which violate the rules

I have got the above questions from Mock exams bought from , objective 3

When new instance of derived class created , in its constructor there will me implictly call to super (Base) constructor
so the addValue() method will be called twice
Can any one please see the below code snippet and tell me what could the correct result

I was preparing for SCJP exam and I got stuck with such a question

List of choices are

1. The program will compile and run normally to produce the desired output.
2. The program will not compile as it is not possible for the Circle class to implement
both the Serializable and Externalizable interfaces.
3. The program will complain at run-time telling that there is no default constructor for
the class 'Square'.
4. The program will complain at run-time telling that there is no default constructor for
the class 'Circle'.