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Recent posts by Anuj Joshi

I have to add data on JTable & I want to load data firstly on first column & then I want add second column data one by one after some time of interval...

i.e. when I started my application I can see left column data filled but not in the 2nd column. & after some time 2nd column data should start filling one by one.

Please help me.

Your guidance really helped me a lot.

8 years ago
I want to display a file path in JTextarea/ JLabel.

I want to display it in following format , "C:/Program Files/... .../abc.xml"
means if file path i too long then i want to display it by above format starting with left & ends at right & middle part can be shown in dots.

so how can I show this format in JTextArea/ JTextFiled/ JLabel.
which alignment should i use for this.

Please help me...

8 years ago

I am exporting a report to .csv format, there are different columns in that report like version number, name etc.
This is done in jsp.

I getting a version no. in x.x format e.g. 1.2
So when I have version no. 1.2 then in csv report it is showing correctly 1.2 but for version number format X.0 (e.g. 2.0) it is showing me a round fig. i.e. 2
but in report I want it as 2.0 and not 2
in how can I done it in jsp.

Please reply me asap

9 years ago

How can I add image in the footer of PDF.
I want to export our report in PDF format and for that I have used PDFWriter.
and using HeaderFooter I have added header/ footer to PDF but in this I can only add text in the footer, and actually I also have to add image(it is logo image) along with text in the footer of pdf file, so that it will come in each page of pdf file.

So could you please tell me how can I add image in the footer of Pdf file.

9 years ago

I have written a code in a thread & need to execute this code completely & then it should execute code outside the thread.

what I want the execution of the below code(i.e. code-2) should be executed after thread. how can I do this??

Please reply soon
Yes I have used a proxy server in my browser
9 years ago
event.getURL() : URL address on which I have clicked.
getting exact address of URL.

9 years ago
I have added html page in JEditorPane. html page has some links.
When I open those links independantly i.e directly from html page then links are get opened.
but now I have added HTML page in JEditorPane. & from here links are not get opened.
& getting IOException........ Connection timed out: connect

Following is the code I have written for this.

Please check & give me appropriate solution.

i.e. Why I am not able to open links from JEditorPane.

reply soon
9 years ago

I have written code to install an software.
When I start installation, it will firstly check whether that software is already installed or not. if it is already installed then
it will check whether that software is running or not.

If that software is not running then it will uninstall the previously installed software & then it will install the new version.

now my problem is, when old version software application is running & i m trying to install new version then pop-up of message is shown that,
"instance of old version software is running, please click on OK button to close the running instance."

by using socket I have checked whether software is running or not.

but how can I close the running instance, so after that installation of the new version continues.
when I click on OK button then old version aplication instance should get close & whatever I am installing that should continue.

Please give me solution that how I can do this.
9 years ago
Hi all,

I have written a JAVA program for downloading file from given location.
I have used a JProgressBar in GUI for showing downloading status.
But when downloading is starts is not shown it will directly shown at the end of downloading.

I should be displayed at the time of downloading to show the downloading status.

this is my code.
Please tell me that how I can see progressBar showing downloading status.
If you have any solution alternate solution then please tell me with sample code
or mark it in the above code, So that it will be easy for me to understand.

Thanks in advance & please reply soon,
byt tc
9 years ago

How to disable perticular item in comboBox.
I have a ComboBox with names stored in it.
on some codition I have to make some names disable.
So how can I do this?
9 years ago


I am new to Eclipse europa, & now I would like to create a new visual class program.
I have downloaded eclipse europa but still it is not allowing me to create visual class.

Is there any plugins are required to add or any other setting in eclipse.

Please reply soon, as it is very urgent.

Thanks in advance...


I have to parse the xml file which is outside my workspace.

here strFilePath is the complete path of xml file "D:/abc/MyXML.xml"
& for this path I am getting stream = null
but when I tried the same code for the xml file(com.myPrj.MyXML.xml) which is in my workspace then it works fine.

Can anyone please give me the solution for accessing the xml file outside my workspace.

9 years ago