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You can consider using castor xml or JAXB

Once you define your object graph structure in xsd scheme. You are free to marshal/unmarshal object to/from xml text.
You can prepare the JFreeChart object and wrap it in JCommonDrawableRenderer, then you can pass it into you jasperreport template as parameter.
In your jasperreport template, you can create an image component and reference the pass-in parameter.

With this method, you can create whatever JFreeChart you want.

You can find an example here (in demo folder) -

iReport is IDE for jasperreports. You can build template by drag & drop and produce jasperreports xml for you.
10 years ago
Oh, My... I can't believe my eyes. The page said I passed the exam.

Without this forum and you guys help, I don't think I can make it.

Congratulations to All