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Recent posts by A Agr

I have 4 ServerSockets running at say port 1,2 ,3 4

A ServerSocket at port 1 listens for incoming connection from different clients and read from and write to clients. A socket connection can be created at any ServerSocket to write at other ServerSocket

Main class x creates serversocket and passes it to thread and waits for client connection and if got any , processes it. Along with this at same while(true){}loop next to it in class x also executes.Both should work simultaneously

When I run it, I get some problems

1. After a while I get Connection refused exception/// like it works for say 1 min and starts throwing exception
2. while true() loop is also continously writing to ServerSocket at say port 2. Output at port 2 becomes..print java..print java..
but i want it work like print jsp print java print jsp print java
14 years ago
I tried but didnt work .

My objective is to,

Store hexadecimal nos in either String[] or String or int[].
for ex : String[] s = {"0x09","0x800"}
or int[] i ={0x09,0x800};

Now I want to convert it to byte array to write to an OutputStream. If I do String.getBytes() ,it encodes.
But what I want is my InputStream to read the byte array I send as

byte array containing 090800

How can I do the conversion ? Also in java it is signed byte whose upper limit is 127 so how can I deal with hexadecimal nos greater than 127 ?
But it suppresses 0 . How can I get output of 0x01 as 0001 and want a byte array rather than String.
How to convert a hex representation ?

Suppose There are some values ,

a= 0x40

How can I convert it into 04080006 representation which should be a byte array ?
Does anyone know good tutorial on ch-10 of K&B ?
Its working now. Seems like it wasnt working when I added it in Classpath variable but it worked on adding in Path variable.

K&B book says ,

javac -help

as valid command.

But when I tried running it in command prompt ,it says "its not recognized as internal/external command....."

But java -help works and gives list of all valid options available.
Thanks Ruben,I got it.

I have a quick question here that will the following 2 method calls be same ?


When I tried to call method as it printed "Var args method" as output . But why didn't it give compiler error as in printUs method takes 2 arguments and i am calling method with just 1 argument.
Here I have 2 Questions :

1. Why does it print 12 and not 22 ?

2. When I try running code by replacing Integer by say Short

It gives compiler error as Short(int) is undefined .Short has 2 constructors ,one that takes short and other that takes string . But why is it giving error with value '1' wherein 1 is permissible value for short.

If Integer overrides hashcode and equals method,then there is still possible for 2 objects to have same hashcode and different values.So output as 12 is still not clear ?

It prints 12. How does it work ?

When I tried to put other wrapper class in place of Integer like Short or Byte ,it does not compile .Why ?
hey I got it. I know conversions and shift operator too..

what wrong I was doing is ,I was converting hexadecimal to decimal rather than converting it directly to binaryb...