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Recent posts by W. Joe Smith

Henry Wong wrote:

while on the subject, anyone seen the new Avengers movie? Highly recommended.


Agreed, very good. I'm planning on viewing again. And, if anyone goes, makes sure to stay after ALL the credits.
12 years ago

Jesus Angeles wrote:No comment on those 2 but I hear good things on A. Silva so I want to watch it on cable.

I dont like watching fights with big height and reach difference. Like Gustaffson - Silva and Jones - Evans. The weight is similar, but their reach and height are so different that it is disgusting to watch. The shorter guy cant even get close without getting whacked.

I think the divisions will also consider height and reach, not just weight.

I disagree. Sure those 2 fights were one-sided, but that speaks more to the talent of Gustaffson and Jones than anything else. Randy Couture won the heavyweight belt from Tim Silvia despite the fact Tim was, and still is, considerably bigger than Randy. Does reach provide an advantage? Sure, but I don't feel it is grounds to create whole other divisions based on it. Most of the time, and Jones is a good example, reach has its downfalls. Jones can hit you from about a mile away, but he is not going to have knockout power at 205. He can't put on that much muscle and make the 205 limit. Rashad Evans, on the other hand, has 1 punch knockout power because he can build more muscle mass and still make 205.

Now, when Jones moves up to heavyweight.......man, that is going to be insane. I can't imagine what he could do walking around at a legitimate 230ish.
12 years ago

Dennis Deems wrote:

At length I returned from two weeks leave of absence to find that my
patrons had arrived three days ago in Roulettenberg.

I believe that is The Gambler by Dostoyevsky.

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.
12 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:can I stretch the rules?

Angela Landsbury, Patti Lupone, and Helena Bonham Carter

Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd.

Another rule stretch: Helena Bonham Carter and Emma Watson.
12 years ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:

W. Joe Smith wrote:William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Richard Hurndall, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith..

Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is the show, the character was the Doctor, but I'll give it to you .
12 years ago

fred rosenberger wrote:Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Farrell
Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp
Frank Sinatra and George Clooney

Douglas Quaid
Willy Wonka
Danny Ocean
12 years ago

Joe Ess wrote:

Matthew Brown wrote:

Joe Ess wrote:How about Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig (and in some universes, David Niven)

Slightly less obvious would have been Bernard Lee, Robert Brown and Judi Dench.

Maybe I was going for obvious
I'm curious, is there any movie role that more actors have portrayed?

No movie role, but I can think of a TV role:

William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Richard Hurndall, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith. There were actually multiple others playing pieces of this role, but these are regarded as the actual 11.
12 years ago
My first indication this could be false is grammatical and formatting errors. "spams mails", "sending spam mails, You are", "You will be send a password reset message In next seven" all scream fake to me. My first response would be to forward the email to Google customer service, as they would be your first point of contact for anything like this.

Second, and I know this came after clicking the link but still a point to be made, but any time anyone asks for a password like that I refuse to do anything. If i was already logged in to my Google account, they wouldn't need me to log in again, plus they aren't asking for a password to log in, but to "verify" you own the account.
12 years ago

Sanjay Trivedi wrote:I dont know if I am looking at this in a narrow minded way, but are ethics courses really needed in colleges? Is it not as simple as using sense and doing the right thing ?
Anyway, what difference would such a course make ? I am sure many people do the right thing only because they dont have the guts/brains to do wrong or they are scared of the consequences.
Many people, given half a chance, would resort to unethical behaviour.

I actually minored in ethics in college, and there is more to it than making ethical or unethical decisions. It is more about understanding different ethical standards, and how someone with one ethical philosophy might differ in opinion from someone with with totally different ideals.

For instance, say a company produces a medicine that treats a painful, deadly disease that affects 25% of the population. However, the only way to make this is to displace a small tribe of natives, maybe 100 individuals, from their homeland they have lived in for thousands of years. Some ethics systems would say it would be unethical not to produce the medicine, because the amount of positive outweights the negative. Other systems, however, would say it is unethical to produce the medicine at all because it causes harm to someone.
12 years ago
Time for my nerd hat to come out....

Future turkey robot (From Aqua Teen Hunger Force)
Dot Matrix (Space Balls)
Calculon (Futurama)
Portal 2 round Robot
Marvin (Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
Alpha 5 (Power Rangers...I'm assuming Alpha 5, but could be Alpha 6)
K9 (Doctor Who)
Cybermen (Doctor Who)
12 years ago

Bear Bibeault wrote:And while it could be argued that paying less taxes might stimulate the economy, I don't see what effect that has at all on the national debt. Which is the debt I assume that is being discussed?

To me, "less taxes" is simply jargon for "get elected".

We just elected a new governor here that was elected on the "I'm going to balance the budget and lower taxes" campaign. Less than a year now, and he is already pushing to increase the gas tax by at least 10 cents a gallon to cover budget shortfalls.
12 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote:The world has already ended. What you think is the real world, is actually the ripples on the sands of time.

Wait, so is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Am I caught in a landslide with no escape from reality?
12 years ago

Dj Driver wrote:Just got my Head First Java, 2nd edition Covers Java 5.0 and have a few questions:

-I wrote my first code in a .txt file and then renamed it to .java - is that the way to start off and they way to continue?

Normally I just open a new Notepad, and save it as a .java. No need to rename.

-when I execute my java code it flashes on the screen and then goes away. How do I get it to stay on the screen so I can view it?

What do you mean "when I execute"? Are you running from a command prompt? What is the code doing? If all the code does is add 2 numbers then exit, you won't see anything. It is all dependent on the code you are running.

-is there a java editor I can use so I can see if there is an error in my code before I try to run it?

There are tons of IDE's out there, but if you are starting just get a free notepad-like program (Notepad++ is a common suggestion). It will help you with indents and formatting, but not be so cumbersome that you spend your time learning the IDE rather than the language.
12 years ago
Brings this to mind.

12 years ago
I've never worked with Netbeans, but it looks like its looking for class BattleShips, but your class name is battleships.
12 years ago