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Recent posts by Toni Black

Big thanks for your effort to help me but i still don't get it . Could you post or upload the complete code (or probably the entire test project)?
i tried both suggestions and this are the results.

The test itself is the same for both options.

-> PROBLEM : Still have null inserts for the key values.

BTW i tried to use the Hibernate instead of eclipselink with the following result.

-> PROBLEM : i still have null inserts for the key values + two further columns in the tire table (which should be managed only in the Bike_Tire table)

And the same test with hibernate

Other suggestions?
As you can see i tried different approaches (commented in Tire and Bike) but always with the same result of no value for the TIRE_POSITION column.

And for the total completeness the test class.
True, i should have posted it right at the beginning. But i was shure it is a very prevalent mistake The problem is that the column that should not be null is not inserted at all (visible in the second listing).

DDL create statments

and the insert statement

Anyone an idea?
Hi, i try to build a sample qualified relation and get an error.

Anyone an idea what is wrong here?
i try to enable ws-addressing for a service and get a strange exception. I use tomcat-7.0.27 and axis2-1.6.2. Does someone have an idea what it is?

7 years ago
Ou I mixed a course with a certificate, which is good First i thought this one is the new SCJP certificate. Earlier there was a good coloured picture on the sun page with the certificate blocks. Is there any existing now? Can someone post a link please?

I am confused about the prerequisites for Developing Applications for the Java EE 6 Platform (FJ-310-EE6). If I take SCJP 310-065 first then it is not allowed to do FJ-310-EE6?

Btw: how long valid are the new certificates?
Hi folks

i try to gain experience in enterprise systems and search for an interesting open source project that i can contribute to.

My list of wishes It is understandable that it is probably impossible to find a project with all of the following points but with some of them i will be happy as well
  • Spring
  • EJB 3.0
  • JSF
  • some backend stuff (JDBC and Hibernate are welcome)

  • Btw experienced in svn & cvs, ant & a little bit maven, eclipse. My native language is German but i think it is great to have a chance to improve English too, if the project language is German it's ok ;)

    Please contact me if you know something or even if you are searching someone for your own project.
    10 years ago

    i started to work with EJB3.0 and JBOSS as well and i use "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (5th Edition)" and couple other books. I like this book but in my opinion there is no ONE book to find that explains all topics very good. Buy three or four and sell a couple after understanding the stuff. Good luck
    Hi everybody,

    i try to build a client that uses an EJB3.0. This EJB is deployed on JBOSS 5.0.0

    the following code creates an exception

    the associated exception

    The "JMX MBean Operation View" of JBOSS says

    Does someone see the possible problem?