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Recent posts by Naveen Megharaj

thanks a lot guys.....!!!
the information given by you was very helpful....
11 years ago
I have created my own exception class and i m trying to throw the exception explicitly. But when i m compiling, its giving me the following error : Incompatible types error.

This is my code:

Can anybody tell me what's going wrong..??

Thanks in advance

11 years ago
Hi all,
In our project we are making use of EJB 2.1.
I know that a Stateless Session Bean has three files:
*) Component interface - Used to declare our business methods.
*) Home interface - Used to declare life cycle methods.
*) Implementation class - Consists of implementation of life cycle methods as well as the Business methods.

So when we invoke a business method using the Component interface reference object, the business method of the Implementation class will be called. MY DOUBT IS THAT - HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?? AS THE IMPLEMENTATION CLASS IS NOT IMPLEMENTING THE COMPONENT INTERFACE. !!!
I was told that the Container will look after all these things internally. But i want to know- how the container is performing this task??? Can anybody help me in this regard

Thanks in advance
But i m new EL, till now i used to make use of scriptlet, declaration and expression tag in my jsp's.
my doubt is in order to make use of EL variable in my 4th jsp page, do i need to define then previously in my 2nd and 3rd jsp pages, where i m accepting the data from the user and setting that data as context parameters. actually i m setting user data as context parameters in my action classes.
12 years ago
i have created a struts application, in which i have created 4 jsp pages. In 2nd and 3rd pages i m taking some data from the user and setting that data as context parameters using the HttpSession object. now i want to access these context parameters in the 4th jsp page but with out making use of the declaration tag(<%= java code %>). i wanted to know how can this be performed...??? any help is appreciated.....

12 years ago
hello vicky,
whenever you make some changes in your web application, just save the changes and just redeploy your web application in the web logic server. i think that restarting of the server is not reqiured, just redeploying the web application is enough...!!! just try it.... i m not completely sure...
12 years ago
Once i created a new "workspace" for MyEclipse 7.0 and recreated the same struts application and deployed it. And now its working fine with out the error that i reported earlier....
But i am still not able to figure out what the problem was in the earlier struts application that i had created....???
can anybody make out something from this, and tel me what the problem was with the earlier application which gave me the "jsp parsing failed error".
12 years ago
I am using struts 1.2 libraries.
This is my welcome file:

And this is the other jsp file:

i cant figure out where i am going wrong...
please suggest some solution....
12 years ago
i have created a simple struts application in MyEclipse 7.0. And i have deployed this application in WebLogic 8.1.
but when i am running this application in the browser, i am getting the following error.

can anybody tel me why i m getting this error and how to overcome this error.
Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
can anybody still elaborate on this please....!!!
thanks for your reply dharma...
12 years ago

The process will depend upon the specific container being used. Which is it?

i am deploying my web application in web logic 8.1 server.
i know that different servers require different procedures of deployment. but the thing that i want to know is how is this deployment different from running the web application??? what does this deployment mean??
12 years ago
hello everybody,
we all know that in order to run a web application, it needs to be deployed in a web server.
but can anybody tel me the exact definition of "deployment of web application" in a web server?
what are the steps that are involved in this deployment? how this deployment is different from running the application???

thanks in advance
12 years ago
i agree with what all you have told.... i tried compiling it from the classes folder as you told, but even then i m getting the same errors. The problem is that the compiler is not able to locate "". if i remove all the statements related to NameForm class in, then it is compiling successfully. one of my friend told that there might be problem with path and classpath!!! what you have to say about this. Please provide some solution.
Thank you.
12 years ago
my application's directory structure is as shown below:
| |--classes----example
| |--lib |
| |--tlds |
| |--web.xml
| |--struts-config.xml

*)and i have set path and classpath with following values:
*)and i m compiling as shown below:

after above step i m getting four "can not resolve symbol" errors.
But i have successfully compiled file and facing problem in compiling
can you please see though it.
12 years ago
i have to java classes in my Struts application:

now the second one:

i m able to compile, but when i compile, i m getting following errors: not resolve symbol
symbol:class NameForm
location:class example.NameAction
NameForm nameForm=(NameForm)form:

like this i m getting 4 can not resolve symbol errors.
can anybody help me???
Thank you.
12 years ago