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Hi all!

I have one struts 1.2 war file imported into eclipse 3.4.1

After I imported it, I was able to run the project under tomcat 5.5

I then copy the java file into "src" directory, then found out that none of the class file were deployed to the workspace,
and deploying the .class file ( from another eclipse's build file; same branch of code)

somehow it will break the actionServlet;
I can still access all the .jsp pages, but with all of the .do it will throw a 500 error.

One bad thing about this is that i am also having problem getting error log. I have turned log4j to debug, and make sure web.xml does not block logging, on "console" of eclipse is not printing anything; but when add something like:

<%= System.out.println("blah");%>

in jsp pages, it will print to "console" of eclipse

here is my web.xml, which was the exact same in tomcat with working logging:

struts config:

Thank you!
12 years ago