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Recent posts by khaled Jamal

I remember I had the same Average at ExamLab and got 93% in the real one

After passing three certifications in Java and J2EE I found a job, the project leader gave me a lot of interfaces to develop with HTML,CSS and JavaScript, there are no designers there and this was the first deception

Anyway, I suffered during a month to make them and now they want to develop the business
components with a framework called convergence, a bad one created by some poor developers here, no training, no examples, just a documentation full of empty theory

they want me to create business components for a wizard designed by another developer,
this man will develop the first two steps of this wizard, the third step will be made by another,
and finally me will make the last two steps, all these steps are joined with each other and
we are told to work simultaneasly, so everyone does whatever in his corner

there is no specification, no interfaces to implement, you should go everytime ask a poor
architect about what you have to do, even him does not know exactly what the client want

I began to feel some trouble in my heart from all this confusion, maybe I will quit this week,
I think even to change this career

Any advice will be welcomed

Thank you
14 years ago
If you scored higher than 70% in masterexam, I think you can pass the real stuff

When I got SCJP 6, I began looking for a job but didn't find it, I got SCBCD 5, no job at all, a week after passing SCWCD I found one in a good company

They expect a developper to have a good knowledge in design, so take care of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PhotoShop and Ajax, and I recommend not to pass the second certification, most company work with hibernate (Not JPA) and Spring (Not EJB 3), knowing struts 1 and JSF is also very important


Finally got SCWCD 5 with 88%, It took me about 52 days, five hours per day

Most of questions were easy (just for those who burn HF in their minds) but you should take a special care of jsp:useBean, c:set, c:remove tags, there are also two or three tricky questions

I read HF Jsp&Servlet and prepared complete notes for every chapter which gave me about 140 pages, I looped over them till absorption, did not make a lot of practice but I highly recommend it

My scores in whizlabs exams were between 70% and 80%

Just remember this, If you neglect a little detail, be sure you will face a question about it
14 years ago

Suppose we have a Person class like this one :

This is a part of code from a servlet :

which dispatch to this JSP :

I want to know please how the container know the type of objects within the list to cast them in order to be able to access the id and name

14 years ago
One of the authors of Head First is a member of the developement team for this exam (310-083) so Head First is the way to go

I think Just reading the book and begin passing exams won't work, It would be better if you reread every chapter and prepare your own notes by copying and printing from the book

Finally you will have about 120 pages of notes, Loop over them till absorption then go to simulators

14 years ago
If you have already a good knowledge in JPA, Hibernate, Spring and SQL, I suggest you prepare SCDJWS