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The argument that h1B visas bring costs down for consumers is a false one.

Economics 101 states that supply and demand are what determine price. And that can be misleading... Do you know what really determines price?

How much people are willing to pay.

It really is that simple. It always has been.

Ok back to the subject (somewhat):

I believe that in most modern companies, the most important area of the corporation is IT. This is a world becoming centered around technology, and even the most simple products are capable of high technology innovations to help a company win the day. Customers demand the best and if a company wisely uses H1B visas to supplament its technology expertise, its acting wisely.

But if a company is trying to lower IT costs by outsourcing to anywhere (including other companies in the U.S.), and in so doing winds up reducing its IT knowledge base, its view is short term, not long term. To me this is a mistake. Even the so called "maintenance". I come from the school that if you built it, your the best person to maintain it. I can solve a problem that arises in one of my applications in a fraction of the time it takes anyone else and so can most programmers. These are usually important problems, and the resolution of them is far too important than to have it in the hands of someone who doesnt really even know the software language that the app was written in, let alone the app logic itself.

I can understand why H1B visa applicants might not appreciate this view, but its the one i hold. IT Rules fellas, its a great industry to be in we make the largest impact on the companies we work for imho...
10 years ago
p.s. to the guy who gave smalltalk props, THANK YOU!

The language still holds a special place in my heart. It lead itself to beautiful design, and really pushed the true beauty of object orientation. I giggle when i see the MVC design aspects of web development, as if its a new concept. I chuckle when i see EJB's as if they are suddenly in vogue.

Heck, ive been coding this way for many years, i just looked at it as the logical approach to good OO
10 years ago
Thanks to all for your thoughtful posts! I enjoyed reading them.

Tim, one thing i was confused about from your post... AJAX as a thin client... When i think client server, i think a client application directly interfacing with say a database. Isnt AJAX used in distributed computing via browsers?

Perhaps its my definition of client/server thats lacking...

As for what to do, i am going to continue to investigate both avenues available to me. I really do enjoy programming, and im pretty sure my company will give me opportunities with web programming. Plus dont tell anyone, but learning this stuff is fun to me

But in all honesty, i think project management will pay me better, and i am well suited to being successful at it. I still think though, that i can use my past experience, along with getting comfortable in web development, when i finally make that move...

As for being an architect, that term drives me nuts. I see these so called architects, with little to no programming experience, and a degree. big whoop. I agree with the old school approach that there should only be a very small team of architects in an organization, setting standards/ performming abstract analysis/ learning new things that might be applicable on a global scale. I dont want to be an architect, and as the last ten years have occurred, my sad belief is that most of these cats doing this job arent the real thing lol.
10 years ago

If there are some fake cases, then there are equal no. of cases like some US people not even having a college degree and still being preferred for employment over Engineering Graduates from the foreign countries. There has to be a limit on how much one can stifle competition with a "Sons-of-the soil first" approach that masquerades as "All H1Bs are fake" sloganeering.
I understand that is difficult to explain to people constrained by a bad economy and fear of losing their jobs.
I take it in my stride and will always be thankful to America, even if I am made to pack my bags and go back.
Not out of being "charitable", but because America truly deserves the admiration.

Respectfully, here is where your argument collapses. First, its not a "case" as you refer to it, if a U.S. company prefers a less educated american citizen over a more educated foreign citizen. If i have a college degree, and want a job in a foreign country, should that country be required to admit me in to do a job there? absolutely not. your argument though implied that this is some form of injustice. Its not.

What i believe, is that a company should be able to outsource jobs to foreign lands if it thinks they can be done better there. No problem with that.

My company alone has brought in hundreds (possibly thousands) of H1B Visa employees, and nearly every one of them is here to not help the company with technical expertise, but to learn enough about a process so that it can be outsourced more easily. I dont see how you could claim to know the percentage of companies performing this, if you can sustain that with a fact, please show me a link.

I have nothing against you, in fact i commend you for wanting to better your life, and your kind words towards my nation. I am excited to see India and China moving their nations from developing nations to modern ones. I think cooperation between all nations is essential towards making the entire world a better and more peaceful place. I just believe the H1B visa program is being manipulated and is causing some serious problems with the U.S. economy. 300,000 IT jobs lost in a five week period here is going to have a serious impact on our nations growth.
10 years ago
Aditee was 100% correct about tata consultancy lawsuit regarding filing tax returns for its U.S. employees, and then forcing the employees to sign over their returns to the company.

Here is a link:
tata lawsuit
10 years ago
The company i work for, which i wont mention as its apparently against the rules, has been exploiting the H1B visa program for the past few years.

It pays its foreign consultants prevailing wages, or at least reasonably close to it, the friends ive made from india for example, have told me that back home they would make 4-5 dollars an hour, but in the states make 20. They did say the cost of living takes a big chunk out of it, but its still considerably more.

So technically the company is following the law. However, its not using H1B personnel to supplement the work force, it brings them here to take U.S. jobs. The people who are being laid off are required as part of their severance to train the H1B guest that is going to take their job back to their country of origin.

its clear that the H1B visa program was started out as a program to help companies fill a labor shortage. its now being exploited on many fronts, and i hope that the government rewrites the program before the U.S. economy slips much further. I know this means less money in some foreign workers pockets, but if the U.S. economy falls, the effects will hit all economies, unfortunately.
10 years ago
TCS is Tata Consulting Services. AKA, an outsourcing firm from India. Unfortunately for me and my coworkers, Nielsen signed the largest outsourcing contract in history, over a billion dollars. Since that day, ive been watching coworkers walk out the door on a regular basis, and not just the unknowledgable ones, weve lost a lot of very talented individuals, and are replacing them with kids straight out of college. I figure i had better get my career in the best possible position before the axe hits me, given the current economic climate...
10 years ago
Hi Mark, to answer your questions...

I enjoy working with people, and i like the challenges associated with building elegantly coded software applications. I know i will never though, be a top flight developer, Ive worked with a few and i see what separates themselves from me lol. Still, i freely admit that ive enjoyed the last ten years more than the first ten years of my work experienced, when i worked in other fields.

My experience is all with one company (i know how odd that is), Nielsen, the market research company. I have written several apps from end to end, which also seems to me to be a somewhat fading trend.

I am indeed tied to my local geography, which is in the north east, and have no desire to move. Luckily for me, there are many companies within driving distance of my home, so i dont see my geography as a problem.

as far as other constraints, i have a family and a mortgage, i know i know, you said forget about money for a second, but its my reality. Otherwise, no i am reasonably open minded about learning new technologies (although i admit its not my favorite aspect of the job, building code that has an inate elegance is more appealing than learning the latest and greatest techniques, to me at least. Still, i dont want to be left behind, or end up like the poor old mainframe programmers i know, just trying to hang on (not that all mf programmers suffer from this).

Ok, i think ive answered your questions with a lot of typing
10 years ago
im an experienced developer with about ten years experience developing client server apps using smalltalk, and more recently java swing. I think my company may be shipping my job role to TCS sometime in the next year.

I can either work on teaching myself web development, stick with my seemingly fading client server background that i enjoy, or make the move into project management, of which i have some experience and believe i could be very effective at.

I have a family that needs feeding, so my career is important to me on a financial and practical level, as well as id like to enjoy what i do.

Anyone wishing to share their opinions on the job prospects of any of the three possibilities i noted above, would be appreciated!!!

Good luck!
10 years ago