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Roland Wagner

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since Feb 18, 2009
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Recent posts by Roland Wagner

Today I passed the SCDJWS-exam (310-230) with 95%.

The last 10 weeks I spent a lot of time (about 8 hours a Day and more) on preparing for the exam.

Material I used:
SCDJWS Study Notes by Ivan A Krizsan
Service-orientierte Architekturen mit Web Services by Ingo Melzer (a german book)
Java & XML for Dummies by Barry Burd
XML Schema by Marco Skuschus and Marcus Wiederstein (a germon book)
WSDL tuturial on w3schools
Documentations on Sun's official sites
Followed the online course at javapassion
Read many threads at javaranch and hundreds of other sites in the world wide web

Helpfull are discussion with an colleague of mine, who has already experince about Web services.

So I felt well informed and the exam wasn't as difficult as I expected.

12 years ago
to get an overview i read parts of Java2 Platform Enterprise Edition Specification.
12 years ago
Next step is SCDJWS.

This week I will look for material to prepare the exam and have a first look at web services. Then I will be on vacation for a few days. At 27. July 2009 I will start learning.
12 years ago
Today I passed SCBCD 5 wirh 100%.

I'm very suprised about this result; I assumed a result of 80% to 90% or so.

Since 1985 I'm developer. In 2007 and 2008 I wrote some business components. Now I had time to study EJB's in depth (more than 3 month, 8 hours a day). My material was Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 (O'Reilly), EJB3 in action (Manning), Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 mit Eclipse und JBoss (mitp, german book), Mikala Zaikin's study guide and uncounted web ressources like Torsten Horn's Techdocs (written in German). Also I tried much programmcode using NetBeans and Glassfish2.
12 years ago
My preparation:

Read 1. Chapter of David's Book. Done all Excercises. Answered Selftest-Questions. Repeated some parts of chapter 1.
Reading 2. Chapter. Doing all Excercises. Repeat Selftest from Chapter 1, Answered Selftest-Question from Chapter 2. Repeated parts of chapter 1 and 2.
And so on.

After that I read my second book: HF JSP & Servlets. Answered Questions at the end of the book more than one time and often repeatet chapters in the book.

Looked into the JEE-API-Documentation and often searched information on the web.

Discussed some questions with colleagues.

After 2 month (8 hours a workday) I feeled ready to take the test. Thats it.
12 years ago
Today I passed the SCWCD Exam with 100%.

Thanks to David Bridgewater, Bryan Basham, Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for their excellent books and to Jörg Beyer and Lars Schulten, the Translaters of the book HF Servlets & SSP.

Also thanks to all other people helping me.

Next time I will prepare for SCBCD.
12 years ago
Today I passed the SCJP 6.0 Exam with 94%.

Thanks to Kathy and Bert for their excellent book and all other people helping me.
12 years ago