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Recent posts by Giri rangaraju

I have found the solution finally.

What happens is when the code is deployed inside ROOT or the war deployed inside webapp and made as ROOT application by changing the context in tomcat server.xml

in either way tomcat is considering like the complete war contents is directly inside the tomcat webapp folder .

I was already having a folder named images directly inside webapps (for some other purpose) because of this the images folder was overridden . when i removed/renamed that folder the expected images (the images called from jsp) started appearing.
11 years ago
I have not deployed the war inside tomcat root folder i have just deployed the contents of the war inside ROOT folder
11 years ago
It didn't help ..still the images are not loading .When i printed <%=getServletContext().getContextPath()%> its not printing any value.
11 years ago

When i deploy the war file named 'myapp.war' inside the tomcat 6 webapps folder the images in jsp are loading properly whereas if i deploy it inside webapps/ROOT folder the images are not loading in jsp.

war file structure
-- myapp

In the jsp page the image inside the images folder are called like <img src="images/img1.png"/>

I will great if you can suggest some solution
Thanks in advance.
11 years ago
I briefly explain here my requirement
After sending the response from my application i need to insert the Total action execution time along with some request parameters in DB i do so because Sending the response and insertion in DB should be asynchronous.

1. With the below code i am able to get the action execution time and the parameters passed to it.
How to fetch value of a variable which i have assigned in my action class ??

2. Timer interceptor just logs the time taken by the action is it possible to assign the Timetaken value to a variable ??

15 years ago

How to get the processID of a process by specifying its name in windows os using javascript. The process are listed under process tab in task manager.
Example how can i get the process id of the process notepad.exe . There may be more than process in the same name in that case how to get the processid of first notepad.exe which i have opened. can anyone share some idea regarding this?