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Recent posts by shankar Mach

Vshalini Sharma wrote:Hi... I can help you with IBM Websphere Admin certifications. mail me
id is vshalinisharma on gmail


Hi Shalini

I have mailed to your gmail id. My id is I have mailed through this id. Please suggest.......

What are you doing currently???

Billy Tsai wrote:Stop posting the same questions again and again, if you look at my other posts in this thread and other posts in this section of the forum regarding BEA WebLogic 8.1 administration certification then you will be able to find the answer

Sorry Billy due to some net problem, the first post dint get reflect at first time, so i had to post the second one. I wont post any thing further.

Hi all
I dont have any study material for Weblogic administration. Can anyone tell where i can get the weblogic administration study materials apart from net. Is there any book which i can buy in market???

Please Please Please Please guide me....

Thanks and Regards
Shankar Nag
Thanks Billy for your suggestion. You said in your quote as "Study Material". I do not have any study material. Where can I get the study material and one more thing is there any book available in market for studying the weblogic administration. If yes, please guide me.

Waiting for your reply.
Hi Billy
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. So, is there any book which is available in market so that i can refer that book and also one more doubt is that now a days most of the OS are Unix OS. So, is it important for me to learn Unix also. Right now, i am working on Windows platform. Please suggest.

Billy Tsai wrote:it is not required for you to attend the official Oracle/BEA weblogic training to be able to obtain the certification, as long as you have the right study materials you can manage this certification on your own.

hi all
I am also planning to do the welblogic admin certification. I just want to know like it is mandatory to attend classes in an institute or we can manage by studyin by own. I am working as java developer right now, working on java/j2ee technologies. Want to shift to admin side. Can you please guide me