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Frank Sween

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Recent posts by Frank Sween

Took your advice, reduced it to one page

Would you call me up for an interview or throw this in the bin?
8 years ago
Thanks for the tips , I will try shorten it to one page this evening, maybe by changing layout, adding bullet points, font size etc..

One question though, I have included a college course which I did not finish, multimedia. Is it a good idea to include this or not? does it convey that I wasnt able to finish it, or would the employer look at the 3 year gap between secondary school and my current course and wonder why nothing was included if I left it out?

also, yes I have a separate CV for games development, have to do a few things to my portfolio before I start sending that one out though
8 years ago
I am currently looking for an internship or just some work experience (difference?) in software development. If somebody could have a look at my CV please and tell me if its awful / what changes to make before I apply.

8 years ago
you guys are great

im in a little over my head though i was hoping for a quick easy fix but now i see its not so simple to do in 5 hours ( i need sleep and ive been working different parts of this project since i last posted about 7 hours ago)

thanks anyway i will look into your solutions tomorow

9 years ago
this might be simple/ might not be simple

the assignment is to make an mp3 player with a folder full of mp3's that the player will be able to access and play mp3s from it. I have it working fine in that it gets the filepath of the mp3's and isable to play them just fine...

The problem I am envisioning is that the filepath that I have hardcoded into my code will only work from my computer, when I hand the project up TOMORROW , it will not work on my lecturers computer when he is marking it.

This filepath is my memory stick (Where I have eclipse installed) , its in 'MyTunes v2.1' project folder, 'myTune_v2_1' package,,, this is where the classes are and the 'mp3s' folder is in same place.

When I hand it up TOMORROW , the filepath will be wrong but I am handing up the whole project folder so I am hoping there is a way I can just put \\mp3s\\" +filePath); ,,, but I have tried this and it doesnt work.

Any help is greatly appreciated and a quick reply is even more so , as I have already said I have to hand this up in 12 hours time.
9 years ago
This is Kevin Sweeney, Entertainment Systems, WIT.

(sorry for bump)
10 years ago
Hey thanks for reply,

yea my major consideration is good marks, just starting programming and liking it..
So I went and made a 'Card' class and it works but...... I have a feeling my code is kindof bloated and im trying to cut down on the amount of code (this is what lecturers are telling us to do),

heres what I have so far, this is my Calculator class

And here is my Card class

What i want to know is any way of lessening this code? Is there a way I can get rid of all those separate printCard*() methods?

again any help is greatly appreciated
10 years ago
OKay so i have assignment called mystery calculator, it seems simple enough but im stuck on how to arrange it..
What initially has to be done is that i have 6 'cards' populated with a series of numbers which cant be hardcoded ..

what i have so far is

My Question is: should i have a separate class called Card and instantiate the 6 arraylists there? or should i have one arraylist in a Card class and one araylist in Calculator class and somehow do it like that? im new to this and relly could do with some help much appreciate
10 years ago