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PavanPL KalyanK

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Recent posts by PavanPL KalyanK

Thanks , Fernando
9 years ago
Thanks , Could you please tell me or point out to a link "you could use bean reflection to write your own that does the same thing as the useBean action"

9 years ago
Bear , i did not get what you said but this is what i am trying to explain .

The User data on to Form (From JSP) is submitted to a servlet only know

Let me explain :

Inside my servlet

There are many setter fields so instead of doing all these , i want to use jsp:useBean facility inside the servlet.
9 years ago

The sun specification states that use the softreference to avoid OOM error .

I am having query regarding the usage of softreference . I googled but coudn't find any example on how to use this .

9 years ago
Can't i use hrad coded HTML in my servlet and pass this Object ??
9 years ago

I am submitting data from a JSP to a Servlet .

How can i use this jsp:useBean inside my servlet so that i can set data automatically and transfer this User Object to the DAO Layer

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago

I did not get what you mean to say.

Assume this my piece of code . Could you please suggest what are trying to suggest.

For denoting an ApplicationException we an specify like this @ApplicationException and how can we denote a RuntimeException .

Is there anything annotation as @SystemException ??

Please indicate .
In what scenarios should i throw EJBException , should i ever need to catch EJBException in my
bean ?

((As this being a RuntimeException let the container do the work)

What i mean to ask is why from the servlet we need to handle RemoteException raised from the EJBException of the EJB Layer.

Bauke Scholtz wrote:Do not execute them in batch then, but one by one.

Then what is the use of doing addBatch ?? How can i take the advantage of BatchStatements.
Good Article useful information . Thanks Bauke.
9 years ago
Is there any UML that accepts the whole built in project and displays the UML diagrams as required( i mean in class centric , Package centric , Diagram centric---etc)

Please suggest if there is any.
Thanks in advance .

Hello ,

I am doing insertion operation so keeping all the statements in Batch . On this some statements execute and some are failing .

If a single statement fails , a BatchUpdateException is caught and all other statements are rolled back .

what should i do to in order to accomplish let other statements execute even if some fail.

waiting for your suggestions.